Us athletes praised the high-tech beds in the Beijing Olympic Village, and The Japanese media took note

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After Summer Britcher, an American athlete, praised the bed in the Beijing Olympic Village, making many athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics envious, Japanese media also paid attention to the matter.Today (4) morning, kyodo news agency issued its “athletes is the Olympic Games in Beijing and Tokyo bed triggered heated debate”, it said “in the American swimmer in the Beijing Olympics on social media hailed the games village high-tech bed in the room, with the consideration of environmental protection and use of corrugated paper if the comparison of the Tokyo Olympic Games become the topic.”In response to a series of comments from athletes who participated in the Tokyo Olympics, he said, “For top athletes preparing for important competitions, sleep comfort seems more attractive than environmental protection.””The beds in The Beijing Olympic Village are The envy of athletes who competed in Tokyo,” The Digest said, quoting a U.S. news outlet.Recently, the national games team arrived in the Olympic village in Beijing, Jan. 28, local time, the luge sommer, in church shoot video to the fans to share their stay in the Olympic village the excited mood, “I have some incredible things to share”, in the video, she got up, with the remote control operated personally introduce mattress can rise and fall to multiple locations,As soon as the picture turns, the bed turns into a state close to the sofa, and she leans comfortably…”Bocog seems to be saying, ‘How can we be just a little bit better than Tokyo?'” The video quickly became the envy of many foreign netizens, and some athletes who participated in last year’s Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics also wrote about their feelings.Ilona Maher, an American women’s football player, recalled that after lying in that bed for a week, her back began to hurt, and the American weightlifter Mattie Rogers replied simply, ‘I cried.’Emma Schieck, the sitting volleyball player who helped the United States win a gold medal at last year’s Paralympics, said, “As a member of the Tokyo Olympics, I was reminded of how uncomfortable the cardboard beds were.”Business Insider, Newsweek and other media outlets noted that Summer Britcher’s feelings were in stark contrast to those of athletes who complained about poor accommodation at last year’s Tokyo Olympics.American skateboarder Nyjah Huston has described the beds in Tokyo’s Olympic Village as “hard and uncomfortable”, while track and field athlete Gabby Thomas said mattresses and pillows made it difficult for her to recover from training.The Japanese media also took note of the fact that former Athletes from The Tokyo Olympics were envious of the beds in the Beijing Olympic village.According to The Digest, The beds in The Beijing Olympic Village and those in The Tokyo Olympic Village are The envy of athletes who competed in The Tokyo Olympics.The Huffington Post Japan also said, “The configuration of the Beijing Olympic Village is inspiring for athletes from all over the world.”This morning, the Japanese kyodo news media to “athletes is the Olympic Games in Beijing and Tokyo bed triggered heated debate” published articles about this theme, it says the games village in somerset, in church (27) in a short video APP “TikTok” on, the inclination of the side with the remote control bed, chose to “zero gravity model”, etc., giving praise.The video has been viewed more than 360,000 times as of Wednesday.British media reported that the bed can also measure heart rate and respiration rate.The mattress is advertised as adjusting to the curves of the body to guide people into a deep sleep., kyodo news agency said, for summer cloth, in the video, some evaluation said “thank you for considering environmental protection of the Tokyo Olympic Games”, also has participated in the Tokyo Olympic Games the athletes post said recalled the corrugated paper “how uncomfortable if you are” and so on, then, the article said, “Tokyo Olympic village of corrugated paper minutes.he recycled, intended to give the message of environmental protection to the world.”This new experiment at the Olympics has raised questions about the strength of the bed, but many athletes have uploaded videos showing them jumping on the bed and doing yoga to confirm the strength.””For top athletes preparing for important competitions, sleep comfort seems to be more attractive than environmental protection,” it said.Beds in Beijing’s Winter Olympics village are equipped with adjustable functions to provide proper support for the spine in different scenarios such as sleeping position and sitting position, reported earlier.The mattress is made of memory cotton and has built-in sensors to realize functions such as massage, zero pressure and alarm clock.After setting the alarm clock, the bed will automatically rise and fall at the set time;Once the smart bed recognizes the sound of snoring, it also adjusts the height of the head to ease snoring.In addition, for athletes who need longer beds, footstools are installed so that the length of the bed can reach 2.2 to 2.4 meters.This article is an exclusive article, shall not be reproduced without authorization.