Gong County traffic police exposure: road traffic violations

2022-08-12 0 By

On February 04, 2022, Yang drove a small car that had reached the scrapping standard (mandatory scrapping date is January 11, 2022), drove to 212 provincial Road 279 km ➕430 meters, was spotted by the police on duty of Gongxian Traffic Police Brigade.According to the “Road Traffic Safety Law of the People’s Republic of China” article 100 of the first paragraph, the provisions of the second paragraph, Yang mou will be imposed a fine of 1000 yuan, concurrently revoked motor vehicle driving license, the motor vehicle driving will also be forced to scrap.Traffic police tips: driving vehicles on the road, please check whether the vehicle insurance is in the period of validity, whether the vehicle procedures are complete, whether to test in accordance with the provisions, do not drive with “sick” vehicles.On February 5, the net friend to report motorists to gong xien police through the zebra crossing comity pedestrian, then check immediately and inform the driver to the police brigade to accept treatment, and the pilot ryu criticism education, ryu also deeply realize his mistake, finally civilian police to ryu driving license to remember three points, a fine of 50 yuan punishment.Traffic police remind: please remember the drivers comity first, when crossing the zebra crossing, please slow down to give way, safe travel.Edit source: Gong County Traffic police | copyright back to the original author all integrated editor: Gong County doudou