Your Horoscope for this Week (February 14 to February 20)

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Your social life is likely to be in the spotlight this week.On Monday, Mercury moves into your house of communities and societies, and Wednesday’s Full moon in Leo highlights your house of love and romance, promising what seems to be a happy week.On Thursday, listen to your gut feelings about money-making opportunities.If you’re single, you might meet someone who makes your heart soar.The sun highlights the hidden house of your chart, which means you need to think about your plans for the coming year – your next birthday is just around the corner.Taurus considers meeting up with friends and doing something dynamic.As Mercury enters your house of fame and honor at the start of the week, new lines of communication with superiors are likely to open up.On Wednesday, the full moon in Leo could bring good news about families, and Thursday could feel like a day to celebrate, as Jupiter is linked to Uranus in your house of groups and associations.Starting Friday, and for the next month, you’ll need to invest in networking, attending trade shows and conferences, or joining a professional association.Gemini This could be the week to receive good news about travel, education, or loved ones.You will have messenger Planet Mercury in your long-distance travel house on Monday and the full Moon in Leo on Wednesday in your heart and wisdom house, emphasizing that all types of communication will go well.The messages you receive can be amazing.On Thursday, pay attention to the movements of important people who might benefit you.On Friday, the sun will enter your house of fame and honor and stay for 30 days.That means it’s time for you to shine!Cancer (June 22-July 22) You may receive good news about your monthly income this week.On Monday, as Mercury moves into your house of other people’s money, you may be evaluating your debts and spending.On Wednesday, the full moon in Leo will bring you a beautiful surprise.If you have an announcement about education or launching a product in a foreign market, consider doing so on Thursday.Any obstacles involving travel or education should be removed as the sun moves into your distant travel house on Friday.Your theme this week is relationships and partnerships.On Monday, Mercury in your house of cooperation, Aquarius, stresses the importance of interpersonal communication.The land of the full moon in Leo will shine on you on Wednesday, and Thursday may bring changes in corporate management that could have a positive impact on your earnings.On Friday, the sun enters your house of other people’s money, meaning you should take a closer look at your shared income and spending with others.Love should blossom this week.With zodiac lovers Venus and Mars holding hands in your house of Love and Romance, and gift messenger Jupiter moving through your partner house, you might enjoy a carnival with your significant other.If you’re single, you might meet someone special when Leo’s Full moon hits Wednesday.Consider reevaluating your habits and daily use of Mercury’s energy and go fire up your workday now.On Friday, as the sun moves into your partnership house, your attention is likely to be focused on your relationships.Libra looks promising this week, full of activities with friends and loved ones.With Mercury entering fellow air sign Aquarius on Monday and the full moon in Leo falling into your community and society house on Wednesday, your week is likely to be filled with pleasant interactions and surprises.On Thursday, you might consider getting together with co-workers to deepen your connections.On Friday, the sun will shine in your health house, encouraging you to make smart decisions about your habits.Scorpio is full of exciting news this week.Wednesday’s full moon in Leo could have wonderful results for your career, public image and finances.Since Venus and Mars will hold Capricorn’s hand on the same day, what happens to you will reflect your commitment and dedication.If you have a partner, then you can use Thursday to plan a romantic evening, and if you are single, you can attend social events.The sun will move into Pisces on Friday and allow you to focus on what makes you happy for the next month.Sagittarius (Nov. 23 -Dec. 21) Your week begins with Mercury, planet of communication, entering your house of Mind and Wisdom, which will encourage you to explore unusual avenues when it comes to solving problems.Midweek, if you’re thinking of moving to another country for work, the full moon in the House of Long-distance Travel may surprise you, perhaps making you feel like you’ve reached a milestone.As the week draws to a close, you may be more inclined to stay at home with your family thanks to the sun moving into Pisces, your home house.Your financial situation will be in the spotlight this week.Logical Mercury will enter your income house on Monday, while The full moon in Leo on Wednesday will highlight your house of shared resources and may bring a surprise involving the money to which you are entitled, such as commissions and royalties.Thursdays are dominated by social events, so if you’re invited for a happy post-work moment, consider taking the time to build new relationships.On Friday, the sun will begin its tour in your house of Communication, allowing you to focus on your family and relatives.Aquarius (Jan. 21 -Feb. 19) Open communication can improve your relationship with your partner or significant other.As Mercury embarks on a three-week tour in Aquarius, you may be more vocal about your thoughts, opinions and needs.Venus and Mars have a lovely link on the same day, making sure you and your partner are aligned in goals and feelings.On Thursday, the surprising connection between Jupiter and Uranus could bring more cash involving real estate, while on Friday, the Sun kicks off a 30-day tour that will highlight your income and spending.Pisces are expecting a stream of blessings.You might have thought hosting Jupiter in Pisces was the best thing you could do, but this week could prove you wrong.Not only will the Sun begin its 30-day tour in Pisces this Friday, strengthening Jupiter, but Wednesday’s full moon will highlight your work activities, which could bring you good news about work and health.Warning: Mercury will be in your hidden house for the next three weeks, so you are advised to listen first rather than speak first.