Lines of melancholy words, printed in lingering fragments

2022-08-06 0 By

Night is not alone the moonlight gently on the window in the window my hand depicting missing line after line of blue prints the touching words fall between pieces of spring is right around the corner with relentless snow frostbite on the words of my pale condenses the swirl of Snow White bowed their heads and whispering helpless good love will slowly release in the direction of the soul I don’t open the window of the closed night has deep lamp not destroy the wind againThe wind quietly keeps an empty city and caresses the mottled walls, obsessed with the traces of snowflakes, looking at the falling leaves and singing sad melodies, the voices in the ear gently ring in the wind and engraved too much freehand brushwork like a dreamPicturesque as whisper fantasy as the bedside light flow meet in heaven and earth shake the past your tender feelings linger over night free to compose fall after light after watching the prosperities wounds from the heart is pure heart missing again to find a quiet place to tears as the ink have penned quietly think you quietly waiting for turbulent past circulation heart still trembling why after years after healing the wound is still ache slightly solitaryNight cold and long cold wind playing a sad symphony frigid snow and ice cold north wind kiss my ear to even the heart rises abruptly hidden deep in the bottom of my heart colorful picture scenes emerge in sight titillated think you the night of the long march of the blurred far far away miss whereas a turned and walked a long distance away how much sad lonely past the wind light cloud of smoke net far away