Drama Daily | “Special War Action” closing performance is good, “Jade Bone Yao” New Year’s custom poster attracted attention

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De Tawen TV business Daily 2022-02-04 TV business that day TOP10TOP10 ranking of the world (Zhou Bingkun 33% Zheng Juan 26%) perfect partner (Chen Shan 45% Sun Lei 25%) a flash a shining star (Lin Beixing 44% Zhang Wansen 38%) once upon a time there were glazed tile sleeping garden special warfare action Jiang Zhao DawnThe city of fleeting light mirror Shuangcheng rural love 14 to be broadcast on the day of the business TOP20TOP20 ranking of the young party 2 (Lin Miaomiao 69% Wang Shengnan 18%) Hutong South wind know my meaning (Fu Yunshen 60% Fu Xizhou 23%) flowers aloes such as jade bone distant wind from the beginning of Longxi met Meng Hualu xinghan brilliant food heavy purple Anle ZhuanThe basic language lighters and princess skirt Was on that Pale blue tips this principle of love The name of ice and snow Heart DE tower in text sentiment data shows a list of 1, DE ta series climate index calculating the cut in discussion of the series, a netizen quantity, media exposure, iwom elements such as, to reflect the real heat series, is the industry more advanced series heat indicator;2. Role contribution: The proportion of the discussion heat of each role’s contribution to the total role’s contribution in a drama.3. The list shows the main production company and main broadcasting platform, as well as the focus of online public opinion of the dramas to be broadcast.4. The data covers the first TV series and the first online TV series.5. The data source is the analysis and mining of public information. If any potential stakeholders claim relevant rights and interests, please contact us in time.DE wen technology, film and television tower, data monitoring | to environmental scanning solutions | | competition propaganda strategy consulting copyright statement: DE tower, film and television media, is committed to publishing original video data interpretation and watch the film and television market, reprint please indicate the source and the author, the public, to apply for reprint please leave a message at the end of the article.De Tawen list algorithm design, layout design and the copyright of the original content of the public account are all owned by De Tawen Technology, please do not pirate, piracy will be prosecuted.