The van rolled into the open 40 meters out of the road, and the seatbelt saved the four passengers in the van!

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Seat belt = Life belt!This is not an empty word, this is not, in Luoping County agang town, a van tumbled into the road outside more than 40 meters of open space, fortunately, the car’s four passengers are wearing seat belts, narrowly escaped danger!After February 16 at 17:50, Luping County Public Security Bureau Agang police station received a report, in agang town to The village of Nugi road, a van accidentally tumbled into the road more than 40 meters outside the space, one person was slightly injured, are not life threatening.Received a report, agang police station police rushed to the scene.However, the scene of the situation has made the police inhale a cool breath!I saw a white van overturned more than 40 meters away from the curb in the open space, the car seriously deformed, from the road to the vehicle overturned point scattered glass fragments and car parts.The driver read a shaken, intermittent statement to the police thriller scene.That day, read a car carrying 3 people, ready to drive from a gang street son to the direction of home, the vehicle to the accident section, due to the speed too fast, improper car operation, resulting in a rolling down the vehicle.After the accident, all four people in the car had climbed out of the car by self-rescue, only one of the minor scratches.At present, the case is being further handled.Police tip: please the majority of drivers, passengers to get on the car to check the safety belt, fasten the good habit of safety belt, travel happily, go home safely!Protect our “money bag” editor: Zhan 焌 Editor: Yang Weiping Editor: Li Huizhen Contributed: Luo Ping police