Some of them look like they have a civil service establishment, but they are actually contract workers

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Love education college students should make good choices during the job selection process.In the undergraduate stage of learning, are the world of post-00 college students, in addition to more and more post-00 college students into the campus of the university.There are also post-00s college students gradually out of the university gate, the 2022 graduation season is getting closer and closer.College students will face even greater employment pressure, as the number of students in the class of 2022 has reached a record high.The number of students in the class of 2022 is expected to be 10.76 million, an increase of 1.67 million over the same period, according to official estimates.This figure is quite surprising to us, we didn’t expect that the number of this class of college students will rise so fast, with the number of college students increasing so obviously.The positions related to the iron rice bowl field have become the most favored by college students, such as those for civil servants. However, college students also need to distinguish between them. Some positions are just high and not very stable.Some posts look lofty, like the establishment of civil servants, in fact, insiders shake their heads association police, most of them are temporary association police although the name also with “police” word, but we are familiar with the police or has a very different, although is the same as the police in the post are wearing a uniform looks lofty.It is like having a civil service establishment, but it is not like having a civil service establishment. In fact, most of the members of the association police are temporary workers, and in fact, experts are shaking their heads.The auxiliary police only plays a supporting role in the post, and does not have the power of administrative law enforcement. At the same time, the salary of the auxiliary police is not high, which can reach 3,000 yuan or so, even if it is good, and some places are about 2,000 yuan.The clerk, basically the clerk of the employment system is mainly in the court to work, it seems to be a lofty state, many people think that the clerk is a civil service establishment, in fact, it is not the case.The position of the clerk is unstable, the position of this industry is basically employment system, is to sign a contract between graduates and a few years, and the difference between working in the enterprise is not big.In addition to the requirements of the law clerk professional knowledge reserve, typing hand speed also have to be fast, to reach the stenographer degree.Social workers, part of whom are contract social workers, work in the community. Social workers are not as relaxed as they appear on the surface, and they also have many things to do every day.At the same time, college students are required to be patient and responsible in their posts. Not all social workers are organized. In fact, some social workers are contracted, and the rest may be temporary workers.Personal analysis of the above posts look lofty, like a civil service establishment, in fact, only the contract system of temporary workers, and not have the establishment, and the establishment of the post or there is a certain difference.This year’s college students are lack of experience in the state, under the influence of so much employment pressure, strong stability of the post for college students is undoubtedly a great attraction, many college students are rushing to go.So what are the stable positions that are attractive to college students?Civil servant, enter oneself for an examination the number increases ceaselessly to want to speak of to college student attraction strong stable post, that first choice is civil servant, enter oneself for an examination the number of civil servant is ceaselessly increase state.This can be seen directly from the application situation of the 2022 civil service, the enthusiasm of college students to enter the civil service, the number of candidates for the national examination and provincial examination has increased to varying degrees, and the degree of competition among college students will also increase.The attraction to college students is also strong, because this post is also a civil servant after being formally employed.Select adjust unripe to the selection threshold of college student is a few more strict, 31 provinces and cities are immanent recruit record select adjust unripe during, can release the list of select adjust college, only the graduate that lists college just has the qualification that can participate in select adjust unripe.State-owned enterprises offer relatively optimistic salaries to college students. After all, the salaries offered by state-owned enterprises to college students are relatively optimistic and more generous than those offered by other enterprises, but also a little more stable.The characteristics of different positions are not the same, college students should do a good job in advance to understand the relevant positions of iron rice bowl is just a general term, which contains different positions, different positions are not the same, college students should do a good job in advance to understand.When registering for an examination, the preparation work must not be done, it is blind to register for an examination. The more detailed the work that college students do for the post before registering for an examination, the easier it is to stand out and get the relevant registration opportunity, or the place of the written examination.The author would like to say: the contract system of related posts can not play once and for all the results, employers will only have a mutual guarantee between the contract and college students.But the civil service positions are different, as long as the university students stand out in layers of selection and succeed in hiring, it is equivalent to getting an iron rice bowl.Those who have not made any big mistakes in their work will not be dismissed unilaterally. They can continue to do so in this post, and some posts are still well paid and relaxed.Today’s Discussion: Do you know of any similar positions?(The above pictures are from the network, please contact to delete any infringement)