Price: 7680 yuan, suitable for girls with high appearance level pedal: European appearance, top speed up to 90km

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At present, with the rapid development of science and technology strength of the car more and more, the domestic many family basically have one or even two cars, but the increase of the car also let’s current situation is becoming more and more congested roads, daily travel seems not so convenient, while at the same time can be considered a smaller commuter scooters,Today, the car I said is suitable for women of a high level of appearance of the motorcycle, it is the small Joe of domestic Zongshen, the following follow the author to understand it!Zongshen Xiaoqiao model is Zongshen 125ET, the appearance design is more in line with the aesthetic of young people in the previous stage, and at the same time with beautiful body color, or very in line with the current stage of female car friends.According to the official positioning, this car is a European style fashion pedal motorcycle, the overall line of the body is very soft, smooth, looks very high level of appearance.In addition, in terms of price, Zongshen Xiaoqiao’s performance is also very affinity, only 7680 yuan, compared with the mainstream ten thousand yuan level pedal motorcycle at this stage, cost-effective performance is relatively high.In terms of vehicle design, Zongshen Xiaoqiao’s original factory has a windshield, and the details of the body are decorated with chrome strips, which looks delicate.There is also a manual parking in the left handlebar position, and the ramp is the equivalent of a car’s handbrake for easy parking.However, it is a pity that the lights of this car are halogen light sources, combined with the price, it can be said, after all, only more than 7000.Instrument aspect, xiaoqiao used a small digital negative display instrument, function aspect is relatively rich, commonly used information is displayed, but under the sun, its clarity performance will be slightly worse.There are two boxes in front of the storage, there is a hook in the middle, plus the design of the flat pedal, daily carrying capacity is very good.In addition, there are two USB phone charging ports above the left storage box, which can solve the problem of running out of battery when riding.In the power part, Zongshen Xiaoqiao uses a single-cylinder air-cooled engine with an actual displacement of 124.6ml. According to the data, this engine has a maximum power of 7kW, which bursts at 7500r/min, and a maximum torque of 9N·m, which bursts at 6500r/min.In addition, in the test drive process, its power conditioning tends to be at low and medium speed, and its acceleration sense of 0-60km is excellent, which is very suitable for daily commuting.At the same time, it can reach a top speed of more than 90km, fully meet the daily needs.In terms of configuration, Zongshen Xiaoqiao’s performance of this car is still very good, the overall practical.It is accompanied by a 5.6-litre fuel tank, which the authors estimate can reach a range of about 200km.Compared with domestic pedal motorcycles of the same level, one of the highlights of XiaoQiao’s car is its wheel hub, which is arranged with 20-spoke wheel rims and has a very good texture.As for the body design, the seat height of 720mm is also very friendly to female drivers.Braking, front disc brake with single side double piston calipers, after the conventional drum brake, although the configuration performance is not high, but can fully meet the daily needs.In general, Zongshen Xiaoqiao the overall performance of the car is practical, configuration performance is not particularly good, but to congestion in the city, the author personally feel its use is relatively large, especially for some of the car is not particularly skilled women.In addition, in terms of appearance level and handling, xiao Qiao’s performance of this car is also very much in line with contemporary female drivers.Finally, what do you want to say about this domestic small displacement commuter pedal motorcycle, Zongshen Xiaoqiao?Welcome to leave a message in the comments section and discuss it with domestic car friends!