Liu Xuezhou was buried in his hometown, his biological parents did not appear, uncle said the accident that night his father could not be contacted

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It has been four days since Liu’s death, but his body could not be cremated immediately, as regulations state that liu’s biological parents must be present for cremation.But in his case, the biological parents are absolutely impossible to show up, after the long-term communication of volunteers, liu Xuezhou’s body can not be cremated in the presence of the biological parents.January 27th.When Liu Xuezhou’s body was cremated, netizens spontaneously sent flowers to sanya beach, and netizens sent cakes, lollipops and other desserts, hoping to make Liu Xuezhou sweet when he left, to make up for his life’s suffering.Liu Xuezhou’s affairs by the family’s uncle and aunt to deal with, Liu Xuezhou cremation aunt rushed to Sanya, rewalked liu Xuezhou accident beach, but also to all concerned about his netizens expressed gratitude.She took liu’s ashes back to support her family, and he was buried in his hometown in Hebei province on Jan. 28 without his biological parents in sight.In fact, from the accident to the present, Liu xuezhou’s biological parents have not made too many comments on the social platform, even can say, from the beginning of liu Xuezhou’s parents have almost not publicly expressed their views.The only interview was to smear Liu Xuezhou, which was also an important reason for liu Xuezhou’s net violence.After Liu’s death, his uncle revealed some of the details, saying that on the night of Liu’s death, he quickly contacted his biological father, but could not reach him at all.They made a long phone call to Liu xuezhou, who was finally picked up by the well-wishers who found his body, but it was too late.Some netizens revealed that liu had called his biological parents several times on the night of his death, but they did not get through.If his parents had picked up the phone at that time, they would have helped him to be found earlier, and perhaps saved his life, even if they could not have changed the outcome of liu xuezhou’s drug taking.After Liu Xuezhou died, looking back at his dynamic, it seems that every one is like saying goodbye.It was as if he had already decided to die.He suffered from depression at the age of 15, and his death was not the result of a single cause, but an accumulation of factors.He was not understood in life, and even after his death he was viciously accused of being too weak to bear.Imagine a 15-year-old child, full of thought to find his biological parents, only to be abandoned by the other party twice. Who can accept all this?Although Liu Xuezhou’s death cannot be changed, I hope there will be no such tragedy in the future.I hope he goes well and meets loving parents and family in his next life.What’s your opinion on this matter?Feel free to share in the comments section.