Fry time and experience are not direct proportion relevant, is this the reason that old people still loses money?

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Fry for a long time, can only explain the experience of a long time, does not represent the harvest of experience, realize the method of much.Trading experience represents a static result after passive waiting, while trading experience is the result of active and dynamic creation, which is a continuously rising benign result.Trading experience in the stock market is only a time scale, not meaningful, trading experience is not only a time scale, but also the ability of a trader to deal with trading problems, this ability affects the final trading results!Once we step into the stock market, we should take the initiative to choose the road we want to go, and after encountering difficulties on this road, we should actively seek solutions to the problems.Once the method is effective, it can be used over and over again, and it can be modified repeatedly in dynamic use, to eliminate the pseudo-innocence, to upgrade, and ultimately to a very good experience.This experience accumulated to a certain extent, the formation of its own profit system.The sea of shares is boundless, as retail, we want to fry as a law, medicine, computer and so on the same as a knowledge to perennial research, perennial to learn, it is possible to succeed.We should cultivate lifelong learning habits, and learn attentively, intently, and consistently.More reflection, more summary, and then can achieve mastery, knowledge and action.Introspection means to negate the past self and make a new life out of the pain.The weakness of human nature determines that we will always avoid this point, and the deeper the introspection, the more we will touch the resistance of the “ego” in human nature. In this sense, the most difficult thing to learn in stocks is not knowledge and skills, but heart, which is exactly the most valuable learning!Share light life, welcome to add attention, thank you for your message exchange!