For poems regardless of years, waste heart easy old, wind, frost, rain and snow zhi

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Want to know more exciting content, quickly to pay attention to Zheng Huixian sinology art is idle, for the poem regardless of years, waste heart easy to old, wind, frost, rain and snow zhi.Only the heart is easy to old, who can not far line, a poem to express the feelings, difficult to write ten thousand feelings in the world.Fairyland in the clouds, I road world easy lonely, the world impermanence painting happy.The wine poem difficult to have a few back crazy, confidante easy old Hugh ambition weiyang.Heaven hate difficult to disappear, for the poem acacia feeling easy to old, thousands of words into the spring tide.Paradise is easy to wake up, the world is always ruthless, poetry for the eternal name of the world.Who do not understand the spring breeze, life is easy to old and years, thousands of mountains and rivers a graceful moonlight.Worthless, a few times idle, romantic and snowy moon sour and sweet to speak of.Life is rare a few back huan, poetry on the moon bomb, the vicissitudes of life million language v. sad.People are easy to old, thousands of endless language, poetry and painting express feelings, the world is difficult to laugh.Who said the world hard road, difficult to solve the world of mortals a time to send.Compose a poem to tell my heart, two lines of acacia tears, don’t say life time is too hurried.The body is a little difficult to be humiliated, a folk song, life easy old words into the river.Painting danqing, in this painting, I would like to compose poems difficult to see the Crystal Palace.Only the words and deeds of the road risk, who knows the world is easy to waste, daughter can not buy poetry also sing.Through the ages Yang, jiang Shui hate difficult long, Li SAO a song easy, tianask million words cool world.Difficult books through the ages hate, fu shi don’t understand ten thousand years of sorrow, life easy old talk huan drunk building.Life is easy to old I do not know years, thousands of words into smoke, wine poetry heyday, difficult pay ambition sigh heaven.Poetry chuanmei name, everything is easy in the world old feelings still in, who said that women do not tilt.Clouds scattered, ambition Hugh words pass water flow, poetry without good sentences, a cavity blood hate hard to close.Thousands of words people do not understand, one hundred years of a dream easy into empty, the heart is difficult to advance with The Times, and poetry on the wine cup.Hair like snow floating thousands of miles, red beans like flowers fall nine days, to send acacia dreamlike yunyan.West wind dream, acacia a wisp of red beans now where, in the mirror hair has become empty.When Hugh, white hair around soft, smoke hard to dream, spoony send my heart.Night, acacia tears have dried, red beans do not know where to go, blue hair frost dyed another year.The end of the world where to send homesickness, knock on the window dream secluded, acacia a wisp for you to stay.Fragrance dream bing Xin send with who, red bean acacia yurun hair.Worry send Yao Zheng, Acacia dream entangles, red bean branches mirror in the tears silent.Acacia several degrees of spring, hair white hair tears stained towel, tonight fall in love with a heart.Two dancing, tears, to send brocade book dream and how.Thin flower shadow, cold moonlight, acacia red bean silk around the fingers.Send xiao Xiang, Jiangshan dream long, red bean acacia who solution, hair tender tears into line.Acacia thousands of miles away, black hair white hair two depression, three night dream poem soul send bi Xiao.Black hair white hair and spring, acacia recall old friends, a spoony tears stained towel.Acacia dream night appendix, want to send heart notes tears have dried, red beans have hate lingering words.Send heart, the past smoke into sleepwalking, drifting feeling, dyed white how much sorrow.Crazy to see the red beans pity lonely shadow, lazy to sigh hoary hair, last night acacia difficult to dream, today message in vain.Hair white hair acacia meaning longer, want to send brocade book dream to xiaoxiang.Dream drunk flowers, to send acacia on a heart, a few strands of hair eyes.Clear water send yuntian, Jiangshan dream sleep, red bean acacia white hair total chan.Red bean hair, white snow reflected in the morning, silent night dream, distant send xinyu to the horizon.Jade refers to the flick of affection to send, dream tears ripples, acacia red bean hair million chi.Shake shake, red bean acacia a line lead, brocade book without wild goose word, only will dream of yunyan.Lute language mind chaos, shen not light tears full shirt, heaven and earth ruthless how many complaints chan.Where does not fly between heaven and earth, spring breeze speechless acacia to my home.Water flows, meaning did not rest, heaven and earth love without hate difficult reward.Dim twilight sink, where to find bosom friend, a cavity blood tears full jin.Amazing death is also male, advised you not to be selfless heaven and earth read, heart ancient and modern datong.Boundless look yao, ancient and modern how much hate difficult to eliminate, lean on the railing speechless acacia over broken bridge.Since ancient times, people do not know jun, vacant heaven and earth a floating cloud, never careful not to speak lightly, when the language to the deep meaning of Yin.Pass the good language, shen do not wander sigh fallen flowers, lovers easy old, ancient and modern helpless things more poor.The world is careful not to blame the world of mortals, laughter cheers drunk guest heart, heaven and earth sentient beings are love, ancient and modern nothing does not leave a trace.The vast twilight deep, ancient and modern where to find bosom friend, railing speechless tears full jin.Ancient and modern infinite lonely heart, not light words have a bosom friend.Nature can explain language, clouds are not infinite heaven and earth, do not ask ancient and modern who is wrong.More words and deeds road difficult, speechless tears trickling down cheeks, the world of ancient and modern myriad.Heaven and earth vast autumn color deep, ancient and modern how many dreamers, railing speechless tears full jin.No ancient and modern, there is heaven and earth, advised you not to sing new.River’s lake lonely often speechless, sad tears full jin, heaven and earth vast moon ancient and modern heart.A cup of wine, cheers drunk look, heaven and earth lovers easy old, ancient and modern helpless things difficult to complete.Bridge cross wire jinshan through ancient and modern, laugh song shen forget the local sound.Jinchai easy to loose ancient and modern hate, difficult to eliminate heaven and earth sorrow, cautious not light words speechless tears double flow.Jiangshan read ancient and modern, heaven and earth as the ups and downs, life is never heavy language deep.Sing ancient and modern, there are bosom friends, advise you not to be surprised mo tempted.Spring sleep is not aware of how night, sweet floating moon whirling, shuying xinggong more.Reflecting the sky, a single red, not lonely with qunfang sleep, fragrance floating in the moon.Alone show proud sky, thin shadow across the sun red, incense floating difficult to sleep drunk dream.Incense floating small bridge east, quiet night people sleep in the moonlight, shuying diagonal window half-closed, a single red garden.Thin shadow on the windowsill, fold a sleepless to listen to the snow, incense floating for you to open.Since fragrance, do not compete with the group of flowers fragrance, oblique spring, a proud cold frost.Moon shuying on the casement, take a remote send who, sleepless at night thinking of home, fragrance surplus sleeve looking forward to your return.Spring breeze stroke face sleepless night, fragrance floating flower garden, shuying cross-show alone drunk confidant.On the oblique moon, a single show to appreciate the sleepless night, only fragrant dream late.The first branch, oblique shuying, floating flower trees, jade flute blowing sleeping half pool.Hate lonely, floating snow floating, shuying moonlight charming, a lone lead.Incense floating desire, difficult to sleep alone crazy, thin film across the red beans send acacia.Yue shuying han Window fu a, sleepless floating people crazy.Late, on the oblique moon, the wind sent fragrant spring dream two friends.Sleepless moonlight meng, incense floating east building, a branch of thin shadow sent far hong.Small window open, alone sad, thin shadow across the red yan spring.Out of the wall, fall into a dream, a few wisps of hidden fragrance lying drunk Yaotai.The first one, shuying is the most appropriate, fragrance floating spring news, it is quiet sleep to wake up.Fragrance to the pillow, the night does not sleep, shuying a month to send far day.Night rain xiaoxiang sleep alone, floating provoking pity, shuying a month to send far days.Bingxin any wind shake, proud ling cold alone jiao, snow still all things race enchanting.Autumn wind old, snow also with night rain cold, never fave, bing Xin since ancient times there are high sages.Qiu Zhi proudly show yingzi, a piece of ice heart heaven and earth know, frost sword wind knife fear, against the cold snow spring.Frost day xiao Horn cold plum lonely red, proud ever with who.Arrogant from romantic, a piece of frost without good scenery, plum snow also shy.A piece of spring knowledge, Ling Han exhibition jade zi, snow yingmei Cuibai fu new poetry.– Zheng Huixian # 100 # 100 List #