Don’t put anything in mind, don’t rush after something

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I have devoted a verse to the contents of this chapter: If you do not develop rapid thoughts, you will always be dissatisfied.Don’t aim high, build a foundation into a scene.Empty static if pure, constant peace without matter.Silently to make, no fear and no surprise.The mirror has no dust; still water has no ripples.Deep pool reflects the moon, clean light Watson.The heart is empty, if no matter unintentionally.Yang Xin when inaction, virtual Ming then god.Don’t think too fast. Don’t think too much about how to make rapid progress. Don’t think too much about how to achieve a goal as soon as possible.To be “constantly dissatisfied” is to constantly feel dissatisfied with yourself and wish you could do better.”Don’t aim high, build a foundation into a scene.”Although I wish I could do better, I should not always think about doing great things. I should lay a solid foundation honestly and practice Taoism step by step.”Building a foundation” means laying a good foundation.On what basis?The foundation of life, the foundation of cultivation, that is, heart, virtue and habit.The heart is not the heart, but the body of wisdom, virtue is your behavior after you find the body of wisdom, habit is your way of life under the observation of wisdom.”If empty and quiet is pure”, when people live in a state of empty and quiet, they will appear very stupid, because they have no machine, do not calculate, nor smart.At this point, the outside world does not see your wisdom, but you have wisdom.”Pure” is what Lao Zi said.Many true wise men are invisible. Those who can see them are half a bottle of vinegar.”Peace and quiet”, do not put anything in mind, do not rush after something, just in peace and quiet to complete a process.”Silent to the riot, without fear or alarm.”Silently looking at this huge downtown, neither afraid, also do not be surprised, that is, “do not be surprised, see the court flowers bloom and fall.””The mirror has no dust; still water has no ripples.”There was nothing fug and fug in my heart, like a mirror, like undisturbed water, without waves and wrinkles.”The deep pool reflects the moon”, the soul is deep and pure, just like the water of the deep pool reflects the moon.”Clean light Watson”, because the heart is clean, so can produce light.”The heart is empty and open, if nothing unintentionally.”Nothing can disturb the heart when there is nothing in it.”Cultivate the mind when doing nothing”, often with the heart of doing nothing, is the best cultivate the mind.”Emptiness leads to god.” If you live in emptiness, silence and light, you can connect with God — not with a god, but with wisdom.When wisdom is at work, you drift into a state of doing and not doing — doing with all your might and mind, and nothing interferes with your mind and what you are doing.I have a lot of things to do, big and small, and everyone comes to me. But my wisdom has never been shaken. Therefore, no matter what comes to me, I can deal with it as it happens and multitask.When you get there, it becomes a special training to be able to live in that state, to be able to multitask, to deal with many worldly affairs at once.With this special training, you can over time forget about your own business, and even if it comes to you all the time, you can always deal with it, but at the same time, still stay in your own body of wisdom.This is the “god connection”.Here are some tips of monasticism.