Direct and act yourself!Chen yanan handed out year-end bonuses to employees who were relatives of his family

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Introduction: Chen Yanan and Zhu Xiaowei for divorce, in addition to scold a coat brother stir – up heat, is directed from the performance.First, she pretended to be a strong woman, under the guise of delivering goods to the disabled live, but in reality, she did not allow consumers to return goods.Now he’s directing and acting, giving out year-end bonuses to the team.Why are they called self-directed and self-acting?The reason is that the front foot still says he has no company, no team, and the back foot will give the team a year-end bonus.No matter before or after the divorce, all Chen Yanan’s words can not be believed, “life is like a drama, all rely on acting,” said her.When Chen yanan handed out year-end bonuses to his team, he opened a blind box.The box contains cash, gold bracelets, gold necklaces, iphones and so on. It looks like Chen has become a strong woman and a big boss.After the year-end bonus, netizens came forward to break the news that those employees who received the year-end bonus are Chen yanan’s own relatives.Chen yanan’s own brother was wearing a blue coat that we could all recognize, but none of the others we had seen.Chen yanan directed and acted, and the money he took out finally went back to his pocket.Is she down to this now?She is nothing without Zhu Xiaowei.Some netizens said that he hit his face, but in fact this sentence is wrong, Chen yanan did not hit much.No matter what Chen Yanan said is false, only flow is true, today said he was pregnant, flow to a wave, tomorrow said he divorced, and then a wave of flow.To put it bluntly, Chen Yanan went to this step is made by himself.There was no one hitting her online, she was punching her in the face and giving others a chance.No matter what you say, you can’t believe it. Even if you sell miserably, you can’t pity her.We don’t know if He’s gonna cyberrape her, but it makes sense.Premeditated marry coat elder brother home, become net red by virtue of their heat, earn basin full bowl full.Subsequently turned against the people, let Zhu Xiaowei become a divorced man.Zhu’s kindness to her was fed to the dog, which not only got nothing in return, but also got bitten back.In addition to Chen Yanan come forward to denigrate coat elder brother, Chen Yanan’s mother came forward again, when the bride price was returned, Chen Yanan’s mother, swear, will not have anything to do with zhu.Now to face your daughter is not to be in the same house.Mother and daughter two people come forward to denigrate, to coat elder brother a cannot cause too big harm at all.Do they think there’s strength in numbers?There were several times as many people on Coat’s side.Chen Yanan tao of these money, it is to rely on coat elder brother to earn, actually also bashful take out show off.Have the ability she quit the network circle, no longer live with goods, back to the original job.When the time comes to take out money, give money to their own family, to get people’s praise.Their own money, no matter who to the heart is not empty, not their own, even in the hand, also look antipathetic.Conclusion: it is estimated that in a few days, Chen Yanan will come forward to dispel rumors that he has a team.These are employees, not relatives.One more buzz, one more sale, and the money’s in.So we can no longer believe that Chen Yanan said anything, the best way to treat, is to ignore her, do not buy her things.What do you think?Welcome to discuss and forward in the comments section.