Are there three songs that remind you of three dramas and successfully bring back the shadow of childhood

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There is no such a song, will let you slowly think of me.Forget it. Don’t think about me yet.Because Chou Yu next to mention the soundtrack in the 3 films and TV dramas, it can be counted as the strength of the list of the best film and TV drama soundtrack to the earth.After all, after the TV series hit, it has successfully become the shadow of many people’s childhood.The first mystery drama “hidden corner” – soundtrack “little White boat” with the previous period of time mystery network drama “hidden corner” of the big heat, also brought fire in the drama of the soundtrack “little white boat”.This is a song that accompanies the audience from beginning to end, both as the theme song and as the ending song.In addition to Qin hao’s invitation to climb mountains, the Little White Boat has been listed as another factor that gets the audience’s heart racing.”There is an osmanthus tree on the boat, and the white rabbit is playing.”I believe that chasing “secret” eat melon masses, now it is very difficult to calm down to face this familiar tone.Because when “The Little White Boat” plays, it inevitably means that one of the characters is going to pick up their own lunch box.Therefore, although it is a melodic nursery rhyme, it is still dubbed by netizens as the drama’s “boxed lunch warning”.Back to the score of this play, the plot has not only the simple and beautiful side of the fairy tale, but also the dark and cruel reality.This extreme sense of tearing on the plot sense, no doubt, has also become the success of the work “Hidden” plus.The second criminal investigation suspense drama “Sweep the Black Storm” – soundtrack “Peace to you” soundtrack is very simple, even if there are people who have never heard the original song, it is not difficult to recognize from the name of the original song to express the will, intended to bless, and the theme is to hope for peace.In the TV series, Mai Zili’s wife, who was kneeling on the road waiting for a report, was hit and killed by a cleaning car rushing out from behind.It wasn’t an accident. It was a long-planned plan.Accompanied by that cleaning car to come over, sounded, is this song “I wish you peace”.A cleaning car that can be seen everywhere in daily life, and a well-known song, “I Wish you peace”.Finally let a miserable family struggle for years of suffering, doomed to a bad end, no peace.Director in this section of the plot of the arrangement, the irony of contradiction to the extreme.At the same time, it is a metaphor for the dramatic conflict between good and evil forces in the plot.The third criminal investigation suspense drama “the beginning” – soundtrack “Canon” recently hit infinite flow suspense drama “the beginning”, I believe that many partners are chasing.So, for the classic soundtrack “Canon” music, must not be unfamiliar.After all, the soundtrack of Canon was heard many times during the bus Boom of the heroine cycle.So much so that later, in the very secure conference room of Officer Zhang’s unit.This song “Canon” suddenly sounded in the room, not to mention the heroine was very frightened.Is sitting in front of the screen after the drama eat melon masses, also said to be PDST.Canon is the year’s best film and television score from the Underworld.In fact, the music itself is very cheerful and pleasant, and there are no horrible meanings to ponder.I’ll do that over and over again, probably just to make a point.As we all know, Canon is just a technique of composing music.No matter how it evolves, the final result is a ring, a kind of continuous melodic effect.And the name itself, the original meaning of the law.One tune follows the other all the way to the last bar, the last chord.And then they come together to give a kind of sacred mood.And this point is not just in line with the situation of the hero and heroine of the play going through the cycle.One always follows the will and pace of the other.The two support each other and encourage each other.Trying to unravel the mystery and rescue all the innocent people.And which step after all, is the last and turn, the last meeting point, let all the answers to the riddle of the truth, can only wait and see.Of course, the above can be included in the childhood shadow of the annual list of musical score, but eat melon people after the play play meme behavior.Seriously fear, and you lose.