Warm alarm heart, drum drive | Feng Fa your governor on the eve of the Spring Festival condolences to the traffic police detachment on duty civilian auxiliary police

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Another year to the festival, the most is the feeling of warm years cold.On January 28, feng Fagui, deputy secretary of the State Committee and governor, accompanied by Deng Lijun, standing Member of the State Committee and Executive Deputy Governor, Liu Zongjian, vice chairman of the state CPPCC and secretary general of the state Government, came to the traffic police detachment of Ganzi State Public Security Bureau to visit the civilian auxiliary police who stood fast in their posts during the Spring Festival.In the condolence, he pointed out that Ganzi prefecture is mountainous and steep, the road traffic environment is complex, the road protection infrastructure is not perfect, and the traffic safety management battle front is long, difficult and heavy task.And the state of the public security traffic police in the state public security bureau in 2021, under the strong leadership of the party committee s home, for everybody, hold position, traffic, build a road safety barrier, to maintain road traffic order, beware of traffic accident, to ensure the safety of people lives and property, excellent finished state bureau party committee to deploy the work task to give the full affirmation.He stressed that with the continuous development of social economy in Ganzi Prefecture, traffic flow is increasing, and traffic safety management is facing severe challenges.In the New Year, we must continue to carry forward the spirit of not fearing hardship and fatigue, improve our political position, strengthen our responsibility, keep in mind our duties and missions, further build consensus and refine measures, adapt to the new situation of traffic safety management, and do a good job in preventing accidents, ensuring smooth traffic and maintaining stability.He asked, during the Spring Festival, must implement the state bureau of the party committee related deployment, unified ideological understanding, adhere to the “people first, life is the highest”, with high morale, full of enthusiasm, good condition into the Spring Festival transportation safety security work, travel to serve the masses, let the people a happy and peaceful Spring Festival holiday.In the end, Governor Feng Fagui sent Spring Festival greetings to all the civil Auxiliary police who worked hard during the festival. He sincerely wished everyone a happy New Year and a happy family!The solicitude reflected the public security traffic safety management committee, state of ganzi affirmation, as well as to all the ganzi public security traffic police, compassionate and caring people, the auxiliary police are deeply felt the superior leadership’s care and warmth, greatly inspired everyone’s morale and morale, the auxiliary police inspired the masses of people to fight travel and work up and down in the New Year,Continue under the leadership of the state Bureau party Committee, unremitting efforts, loyal performance of duty, to ensure good my state road traffic safety orderly, smooth, stable determination and confidence!