His life does not eat meat, the guard is general, comrade-in-arms is marshal, partner is the founding general

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You should enjoy the good times when you are young, but in that year jiaxing South Lake on a cruise ship a dozen people with great ideals held a secret meeting, and since the founding of the Communist Party of China.In the following 20 years of revolutionary cause, always adhere to this belief, in the face of all kinds of hardships did not give up in addition to our Chairman MAO is Dong Biwu.Mr. Dong was not only one of the founders of our party, but also made great contributions to the revolutionary cause. Because the people in his hometown were influenced by Mr. Dong, he became one of the first places in China to actively accept Marxism-Leninism.Dong Lao’s hometown huang ‘an also became the birthplace of the revolution, is also a very famous general county, and today I want to introduce this person, is Dong Lao’s fellow townmate Zhan Caifang.Zhan Caifang’s family was poor. His mother died of illness when he was 10 years old because he had no money to cure her. Not long after that, his father and his second sister were directly poisoned to death because his father mistakenly picked poisonous wild vegetables to cook and eat them.Hearing this news, the married elder sister will take it home to bring up, its brother-in-law Yu Chuchen not only did not object, but also taught him to read and write.Zhan Caifang has reached the age of 16, he decided to go out, his brother-in-law is not assured, so he directly introduced him to his uncle Dong Biwu.Understand the zhan Caifang encounter dong old gentleman will directly stay in the school when the school worker, and allow him to audit.It was during this period that Zhan caifang was introduced to Marxist ideas, which later led to her direct commitment to the cause of revolution and her formal membership in the Communist Party in 1926.Before long after joining the revolutionary team, he returned to his hometown according to dong Lao’s instructions for the dissemination of new ideas, so he and his brother-in-law, who is also a member of the Communist Party, began to teach people to read and write freely at home, and spread revolutionary ideas to the local people through such a way, and established a good ideological foundation for the local people.Influenced by ZhanCaiFang after, a lot of people chose to join the revolutionary ranks and contributed to the cause of the motherland, his elder brother and younger brother also under the influence of he to join the revolutionary ranks, but written as Wang Han “liangzhou word” average “for a few people back to the” gaumata, ZhanCaiFang two loved ones in the revolution has sacrificed in battle.However, Zhan Caifang did not flout in the face of all kinds of difficulties, so when the Jute uprising broke out, he personally led 30 assault troops, successfully captured the south gate of the county seat at that time, helped the rebels successfully enter the county seat of Huang ‘an, and established the farmer regime of Huang ‘an.But because the action is too large, resulting in wuhan reactionary regime sent heavy troops to suppress, and at that time Chen Caifang et al chose to evacuate Huang ‘an and take part of the people continue to insist on fighting, the remaining 72 people transferred to Huangpi County Mulan mountain guerrilla deployment.The team changed its name to Huangpo Guerrillas and fought with hostile forces here.It is because of the existence of these people that there was the hubei-Yuan-Anhui revolutionary base area and the Red Fourth Front Army, which was second only to the central Soviet Area.After being a kind general, he devoted himself to the revolutionary cause and won many battles.However, such a general who is not soft in the face of the enemy always treats his comrades with great kindness.When it learned that only 15 years old Tan Zhigeng et al., because they ate tuhao chicken, a joking sentence attracted trouble and was put in prison, without any words will be rescued from the bureau of secrecy, and arranged in their own side to do the guards.In the long march across the grass, because of his impatience, he succeeded in letting a big soldier, pulled by the tail of a horse, out of the grass, this man is a famous Jewish major general.In fact, there are a lot of such things, always can do their best to lend a helping hand in these lives hanging on the line, the success of the rescue, including Tan Zhigeng, Gan Sihe, Deng Yue and others.The habit of not eating meat Zhan Caifang is not only kind but also has a special habit of not eating meat, which may be related to her previous experience.He continued the habit all his life, and many people knew it.Therefore, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the environment of raising chickens in the family courtyard was very poor. When the commander of the military region directly ordered the prohibition of raising chickens.Zhan Caifang can raise a special approval.To be able to receive this treatment, Zhan Caifang is also deserved, because his life is very generous to the people around him, especially when the hometown people visit him, as long as it is their own will let it with away, even his son has always wanted to double barreled shotgun also directly to the hometown visiting personnel.Zhan Caifang told his son that he did not give it to him but to the people in his hometown because the old family lived a poor life, with the shotgun can be improved, and the son can only become a toy.Conclusion It is because of Zhan Caifang’s kindness that many people keep the title of “old monitor” even if they are in a high position.After the founding of new China ZhanCaiFang because have outstanding contribution in the revolutionary career was awarded the title will be, but have a lot of their subordinates in a general, but for this arrangement ZhanCaiFang was very calm, he had told his wife, for this arrangement doesn’t matter, because didn’t participate in the revolutionary cause to the title, but also compared with those who sacrifice for revolution,It’s nothing for me.MAO Zedong “Qinyuan Spring changsha” Wang Han “Liangzhou Ci” today’s topic: his life never eat meat, guards into general, comraes-in-arms into marshal, partner is the founding general