Hand in hand to teach you, how to grow from “colorful” to “combat master”?

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The learning of table tennis requires a long accumulation of skills.First of all, we should establish a good action frame. If the action is not well established, it is easy to distort the action blindly in the competition, because the frame determines the height of the rise. If the frame is wrong, the space behind the rise is very small.Be sure to set up the frame of forehand and backhand, otherwise if there is any technical loophole, then the actual combat behind will leave a regret.Because the present table tennis technology is about the balance of forehand and backhand, so there can be no obvious weakness of forehand and backhand.So, how far do you need to go to play the game?My answer is to master the skills of attack, control and defense.Offensive skills: forehand and backhand attack, forehand and backhand pull ball control skills: forehand and backhand rub ball defense skills: forehand and backhand defense master these skills after the game is meaningful.Once you have the basic skills, you need to think about how to use them. What’s the point of playing blindly if you don’t have the basic skills?Blind training is not really efficient.As the saying goes, “practicing martial arts without practicing martial arts is like a rudderless ship to an old empty field without practicing martial arts.” Basic skills training and actual combat should be combined.From the training to the actual combat will encounter a lot of problems, training in the attack practice snap sound, to the game will not use out.Why is training so different from actual combat?Why is there a disconnect between training and actual combat?I think there are two reasons.The five elements of table tennis skills: strength, speed, arc, rotation and landing point. The five elements in our training are relatively stable, while the five elements in actual combat need to be recombined., for example, the practice of forehand attack, strength, speed of table tennis, it’s a swing arc, spin and placement are stable basic training, if I put the ball in the next round to individuals backhand position, at this point, table tennis balls will change, then I put the ball in the next round to the location of the main colours &sounds upon the forehand, so again and again,In this practice, the five elements of table tennis in addition to the change of landing point, the other elements are basically stable.For example, shift to push, is not a swing in addition to the strength of the change, the other four elements of the basic stability of the process?In practice, the five elements unchanged, if the practice is ripe, will change, one of the five elements of elements can be spawned countless exercises, again a little bit complicated, change the two elements of the five elements, also can have a variety of combinations, each portfolio there will be many changes, so also there will be countless exercises, gradually changing the elements of the five elements…At the end of the day, all five elements change, so you know what happens?That’s right, five elements all change, is a real combat process!Therefore, the reason why players who are used to practicing often feel very uncomfortable at the first contact with the game is that the five elements are different from the normal training.The disconnection between the training content and actual combat is mainly reflected in two points: first, the training content is mostly single practice, there is no combination training;Second, the training starts from the last three boards, without the connection of the first three boards.Because in the training of the general topspin ball practice, unlike the normal competition to send and receive, backspin ball began, the first three board training is too little, the game is not adapted to nature, can not hit the deadlock stage has lost points.Then how to realize the perfect connection between training and actual combat? I have four points to think about.① The training content is changed from single item to combination.After mastering individual skills, we should practice technical combination and connection frequently. For example, I used to focus on forehand spin, but now the training content is to pull a backspin forehand, and then carry out irregular swing speed, and carry out combination connection practice of forehand and backhand. We must start from the first three boards, and then go to the last three boards.② In-depth study and practice serving return.A good beginning is half the battle, if you won’t pick up the other side of the ball, or caught the quality is not high, by the other party to fit, then it is very passive, also influence the attitude of their game so can combat the first step is to receive the ball well each other, through the actual combat, I recently if don’t eat the other side of the ball, that those who control the opponent’s,I have a better chance of winning a tie.If the ball is not good, it is very passive, and then affect their own mentality.Learning to return the serve well requires a combination of theory and practice, such as understanding the characteristics of various spins, so as to better return the ball.At the same time, more need a lot of actual combat, adapt to all kinds of serve.Serving must have their own set, according to their own expertise to develop the strategy of serving, and then practice the set, such as after serving the reverse hand spin attack, as well as the technical cohesion after the attack, or steal long after the strategy.As long as you can catch the ball, you’ll be in an advantage if your routine scores.③ Establish your own technical style.If you can play from the return to the stalemate stage, then this time is a big competition of basic skills.If you want to play the American, will determine your technical style, fast break more or the loop is given priority to, my position is currently rushing combined with loop style, in addition to the positive and negative spin up, under other USES fast-break technology, forehand outstanding strength, backhand highlight placement and speed, backhand to create scoring opportunities for forehand.④ must be a lot of actual combat.Learn combat in combat, because a lot of combat can improve the ability to adapt, to become a combat master, must be thoroughly tempered, accumulate rich experience.⑤ Form a subconscious.Because in real combat, the other side to the ball five elements are not fixed, this time mainly rely on subconscious reaction, only to form muscle memory and then form subconscious hitting action, in order to play in the actual combat.Journal entry: 1. This article from the enthusiastic netizens lelong submissions, I read again and again for several times, is an intuitive feelings coming from the practice, real, grounding, having substance in speech, pointed out the amateur ball friend universality “expectations” problem, the key is the analysis and solution are given, to spare the ball friend very enlightening and reference significance.2. Many hands make light work.A person’s wisdom is always limited, welcome everyone to contribute, “Yang Lei on Table Tennis” is mine, it is a platform to exchange and discuss table tennis, as long as you have a passion for table tennis, welcome everyone to show their intelligence on this platform.3. I like the style of this article very much. It is simple and straightforward.Since the first half of 2021, “Yang Lei Talk Ping-pong” has been organized. In the past more than half a year, I have received encouragement and support from many netizens, and many friends have left messages or communicated with me, praising me as “a good writer”.As for people, it is hard to avoid being arrogant when they are affirmed, and many articles implicitly reveal the suspicion of “showing off words”.This paper gives me a very good warning, words are important but not the most important, words are the carrier of ideas, words is the most critical.Even the most mundane words can shine with fresh, enlightening new perspectives.4. I particularly like the views in the first and second paragraphs of this article, which are quite resonant.Such as “table tennis learning is need a long technical accumulation, can’t worry”, “first of all to establish good good action framework, framework determines the higher level”, “must have set up the framework of the forehand and backhand is good, or if any exist a loophole in the technology of the actual combat will leave behind the regret”, and so on, the absolute rule of thumb.No matter how urgent some things are, we must act according to the rules. If we try to “break through” and “reverse the practice of meridians”, we will often go astray and have the opposite effect.You can think about it with your own daily exercises.