Gu Ailing live first show, chat so hi

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Gu Ailing, a Chinese athlete for the Beijing Winter Olympics, made her live debut at the Tik Tok live studio on Feb. 19, attracting tens of thousands of viewers.Gu Ailing won two gold MEDALS and one silver at the Beijing Winter Olympics, attracting much attention.In fact, off the court, she has attracted a lot of fans because of her “genius girl” growth experience.In the studio, Gu shared some interesting stories about her participation in the Olympics. Some netizens asked her if the leek box was delicious.”It was delicious when I first ate it, but it was so cold that the box turned to ice before I ate two bites,” Gu said.Gu’s honest and straightforward personality has won the love of netizens in the live broadcast studio. Many netizens have left “idol” messages on the bullet screen. When Gu Saw this, she waved her hands anxiously and said, “I’m not an idol, I’m just your friend.”Talking about food, Gu Is very excited, pork leek dumplings, braised pork, pig’s feet, steamed bun, mutton hotpot, spareribs…These are her favorite foods, and she says she will visit other cities in China to try more.When asked by the host how she felt after winning the gold medal, Gu said, “I can’t express my happiness in words. I used to say that the two happiest things about skiing are learning a new move and winning a race.I was able to do both at the same time on the women’s freestyle ski big jump, so I say it was the happiest day of my life, the happiest second of my life.”Zhang Yixing’s arrival has also added a lot of color to the studio. When Zhang yixing said he wanted to work with Gu On a song, Gu Said yes and hoped the music video could be shot on a snowy mountain.Talking about all aspects of the evaluation of the recent “popularity”, Gu Said that all her pressure comes from herself, and the mixed voices of the outside world will not affect her.Loving sports, growing, learning and enjoying herself, Gu is what she wants to show the world.Gu has her own ideas about pressure.”Stress is not a bad word,” she says. “It’s the same thing as energy. It just depends on how you use it.Turning stress into energy makes you better at what you do.”By the end of the live broadcast, it had attracted nearly 20 million viewers.Her douyin account @Frog Princess ailing has more than 16 million followers, with 100 hot topics and more than 5 billion videos about her.Wang Xia-jing, Riverrun News reporter