CCTV’s two big brothers joined hands to perform the storyteller, and the douyu anchor Yin Zi, instantly became popular on CCTV

2022-08-04 0 By

Mention of the Spring Festival Gala, I believe we are not unfamiliar, and in this numerous programs, CCTV reception rate has been relatively high.Take this year’s CCTV Network Spring Festival Gala to see “Storytellers” in the nig Maitti and Zhu Guangquan under the joint interpretation of a flash hot Internet.Many console gamers are already screaming with excitement.The most immediate reason for this excitement is that the original singer’s name is In-ja.Those who often watch live broadcast on Douyu platform must be quite familiar with Yin Zi, the console game live broadcast giant.This time on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, Nygmaitti and Zhu Guangquan performed the storyteller with innovation and abriminations in content and other aspects, and the words of “The Sea with a Smile” are really dazzling.Many netizens have said that the momentum is very magnificent.Compared to Yin zi’s original song, it gives a different feeling.Yinja’s “Storyteller” was a song tailored to his experience in 2018 by Darkbar.Yin Zi’s singing is more in the atmosphere of the market, because from this song, we seem to see the ignorant youth, but also see the rebellion at that time.For example, find various excuses to skip class and then go to the Internet bar to surf the Internet.Of course, in order to get more pocket money, they will lie to their parents to get more money. When hearing these lyrics, many people are already red eyed.Like All the things That Yin Zi has been through along the way are covered by this word.From a rebellious teenager to a prodigal son, and then because of the change of the environment and the influence of people around the final change slowly faded the body of the river’s lake atmosphere, so that they have a plain life.After tossing and turning, I came into contact with the industry of live broadcasting.Seizing this opportunity not only changed my life but also revealed my charisma.For example, the fact that She visited her fans who were seriously ill shows that she is also a person who values love and justice.Like Yin Zi, it is quite common to find friends who love their career on the platform of Douyu. With their own efforts, they are constantly providing more wonderful content for the audience, and at the same time, they are constantly making themselves shine.