Baishijiang Street Changhe Community: I grew up with young trees

2022-08-04 0 By

In early spring march, the grass grows and the warbler flies, the spring breeze blows the green shoots on the branches, blows the green grass on the ground, and also blows the enthusiasm of the children in the area.Recently, baishijiang street changhe community joint district kindergarten to carry out “I and young trees’ children ‘grow up” voluntary tree planting activities, so that children experience the fun of planting trees, from childhood to cultivate the awareness of caring for green homes.Despite the scorching sun, the lively laobaishi River has not halved.Under the leadership of the volunteers and teachers, everyone wielded shovels and shovels with great energy. Some of them helped the seedlings to fill the pits, and some of them planted soil and rammed the seedlings. Every link was done seriously and in place.After more than an hour of cleaning, finally sorted out, then the volunteers brought saplings, children and volunteers in their own reclaimed land planted group saplings, personally for each tree saplings covered with spring “soil quilt”, but also carefully for the saplings watered.Volunteers and children in under the action of the green, the hope, in the activities of education children learn to Thanksgiving and comprehension from grace, become a “tree”, lets the child personally witness a tree of life, from cultivating knowledge into practice to thrive, contributes own strength to protect the environment.Text and text: Yin Lijuan xia Xiu Editor: Liu Meifang