The woman fell into xianyang Lake from the third bridge, security guards, the masses struggled to save

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Video: women from no. 3 bridge fall in xianyang weihe river lake, fortunately they are 55 points on Feb. 16 at 3 PM or so, a woman from xianyang weihe bridge no. 3 fall in xianyang lake, found that, on security, passing the emergency rescue, three people plunged into the cold water will woman dragged to shore, after emergency rescue, restore breathing woman, has been treated.According to the rescue of xianyang Lake ii security captain Wu Jianjun, 16 at about 3:55 p.m., he and a security guard, a cleaning is on duty near the Weihe Bridge No. 3, suddenly heard the voice above the bridge no. 3 shout, “Someone fell into the water!””He looked toward the lake and saw that there were indeed people floating with only their heads above the water, drifting from west to east.”People around me can’t swim, I also can’t swim, usually can only jump four to five meters, but the scene is urgent, without thinking much, I put on the swimming ring and went into the water.”Wu jianjun said.Together to rescue wu jianjun introduced security and the masses, he put on swim ring swam towards the woman drowning, the shore has security out of the rod rescue, of the masses gathered around a lot at this moment, there are two warm-hearted guy is also involved in the rescue, water security on the shore and the help of the masses, about 5 points at 4 PM, women were drowning rescue ashore.Three bridge area security monitor Guo Wuping, the woman was rescued ashore, temporarily lost breathing, they implemented emergency rescue, “I put the woman head down carrying ran a few steps, the woman spit out a few saliva, gradually restore breathing, then 120 arrived in time, the woman was sent to the hospital for treatment.”Enthusiastic citizens save people without leaving their names according to the security liu Yunhe, he was taking a man into the water to save the mobile phone, the boy ashore after he asked his name, the boy said, as long as people have nothing good, then drive away.”There are still many good people in Xianyang.”Liu Yunhe sighs.Hua Shang Bao reporter Yang Ning