The closing ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics will be a double Olympic moment, zhang Yimou has revealed

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Zhang Yimou, general director of the opening ceremony of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, said at a press conference on February 5 that the torch ignition conveys the concept of low carbon and environmental protection. Preparations for the closing ceremony have started in full on February 5. The closing ceremony will link the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games in time and space, presenting a double Olympic moment.Zhang Yimou said at the press conference that the ignition process was very creative, with special emphasis on the athletes. “We simplified the process, performances and other aspects, leaving the most time for the athletes to show themselves, which reflects the Olympic spirit,” zhang said.Review of the 2022 Beijing Olympics opening ceremony last night, zhang yimou said very like one of the main cauldron and light way, “ignition with small fire, convey the concept of low carbon environmental protection, reflected the Chinese aesthetics -” a single spark can start a prairie fire “, also on behalf of all the competing countries of a caress and a small fire company, this is very romantic,To everyone’s surprise.”Zhang yimou said.In addition, in the choice of torchbearers, Zhang Yimou also unique.”The first choice is to select athletes born between the 1950s and 2000s to carry the torch.We didn’t invite the torchbearers to the rehearsal until the end of January, and it was great.”Zhang yimou said.Zhang said that the opening without professional artist and actor, star, mostly with ordinary students and citizens to perform, emphasizes the unity and popular, “this is very different, I want to big events around the world, do not use the professional artist and actor situation should be rare, I’m glad to do this.And I like the film, a lot of little Eva fell to climb up, very cute, all people see a knowing smile, in China, there are more and more children, more and more people took to the ice and snow, just like human footsteps, fell to climb up, happily go to sports, to show their best side.”In addition, zhang yimou, according to the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony will present a double the moment, “the bird’s nest is the only double the opening and closing ceremonies venues, we hope to have a moment at the closing ceremony, showing the characteristics of double the present through history, through the instant feeling, hope this moment will become a bright spot.”