Planting bad crops delay half a year, can not marry a good wife delay how long?

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Rural people like to say: planting crops delay a season.Yijizi refers to the rural planting of crops in two seasons a year, one of summer and autumn.What does that mean?That is to say, not planting good summer crops, the biggest delay of the summer season, there is still autumn to look forward to!If you can’t get a good wife, you’ll be miserable. You’ll be delayed forever.So, what types of women are popular in the countryside?One is someone who knows what’s right.A sensible woman can better deal with family relations, so that the relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, between brothers, between sisters-in-law harmony;Can also handle good neighborhood relations, home encountered big and small, neighbors do not go to please will take the initiative to help.With such a woman, her husband can hold his head high in front of others, and even the children will grow up well.One is hard-working and hard-working.A hard-working woman, can let the family live a happy life, also won’t let her husband in front of others fall shabby;Lead out the child, grow up will certainly strive hard.Do not find these kinds of people as a wife: unreasonable people, lazy people, haggle over every ounce when things happen, like to gain the upper hand.