On March 3, railway authorities in Guangxi sent a special surprise to migrant workers who have been working hard in the face of the epidemic

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Taste oil tea, taste five-color glutinous rice, sing folk songs…At noon on April 3rd, the day of “March 3rd of Zhuang nationality”, the construction department of Nanning Tunli Oil Depot special Line project undertaken by The Railway Construction Company of Nanning Bureau Group Co., LTD of China Railway was very busy, and every corner was filled with the warm atmosphere of festival.After a hard morning’s work, the construction site workers sit around and look at the table filled with five-color glutinous rice and delicious food with zhuang’s unique characteristics. Their eyes are filled with emotion.In nanning city tuen oil depot private line engineering projects in the migrant workers during the festival the stick to jobs for construction workers sat together ZhuangXiang gourmet taste “of the 3rd in the past has gone home, now all have outbreaks, we are sure that we have responded to the requirements of the government to stick to post on the holidays this year, we thought the site go without these things.Thank you for your kindness. It’s very warm.”During the meal, the head of the labor team, Jiang Tsunamis, constantly expressed his gratitude to the volunteers.This is the special holiday surprise prepared by the railway construction company’s Youth League committee and the Railway Construction Committee’s “Railway construction + Child care safety” volunteer service team for workers.”A few days ago, when I went to the construction site for investigation, I overheard workers chatting that it was a pity that they could not go home to have dinner and sing with their families on March 3 this year. At that time, I thought that the youth League Committee and the Customs Committee of the company would organize volunteers to give them a surprise.”Iron build company youth league committee secretary, guan Work committee office director Liu Qian said.After reporting the matter to the company’s Communist Party committee and getting approval, the volunteers began working around the clock to prepare a different kind of holiday warmth.The migrant workers of nanning Tunli Oil Depot special line project mostly come from Duan of Hechi in Guangxi and Quanzhou in Guilin, and are mostly zhuang and Yao ethnic groups.On the day of the activity, volunteers prepared five-color glutinous rice, oil tea, blood duck in vinegar and other delicacies in accordance with the customs of local ethnic minorities to celebrate the Third Day of march.”Every dish here has a taste of home. You guys are so thoughtful.”At the table, the workers happily taste the food while chatting warmly, and do not forget to comment on each dish.Laughter, not seeing everyone after work tired, only a comfortable face.This is the oil tea and five-color glutinous rice prepared by volunteers for the workers.In between meals, the workers put on the national costumes brought by volunteers and sang a folk song adapted from the scene.The familiar melody instantly ignited the enthusiasm of everyone present, and everyone couldn’t help singing along with the melody.Migrant workers happily sing folk songs, “Dad, dad, my sister and I miss you.Knowing that you couldn’t take us out to sing folk songs this year, we recorded a folk song for you.”The end of a song, the canteen suddenly spread a tender voice of children.Following the sound source, the volunteer walked up to a worker with a mobile phone and said, “This is the video recorded by your family in advance. We heard that you had made an appointment with your children to go home on March 3 and take them to participate in the folk song competition.”Lu Zhi, a migrant worker who had been immersed in the joy of the festival, could hardly hide his joy when he saw the earnest expression of his children singing folk songs in the video, and was moved to red eyes.”Thank you so much,” she said. “I’ve been feeling guilty about the kids and I’m relieved they didn’t blame me.”Lu Zhi said.The volunteers played the video of their children singing folk songs for the workers. The volunteer service activity of the day ended successfully in the folk song duet between the workers and the volunteers.This year is not a holiday at home, but warmth is not discounted.Thank you for your enthusiastic volunteer service, which made us have a special, warm and meaningful March On the site.”After the end of the activity, qin Guansheng, the workers, said.(Written by Wade Lian, Huang Guanhua and Liu Qiumei. Photo: Liu Qiumei, Guo Yating and Yin Junmei)