Learn to protect your spine

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With lifestyle changes, young people are spending more time at their desks, studying or using computers, potentially increasing the risk of spinal problems.It is because the incidence of spinal disease is increasing year by year and the trend is younger, so it also highlights the importance of caring for the spine.As the backbone of life and health, problems in the spine will seriously affect the normal sensing of human life information and the transport of qi and blood energy.When these two disorders occur in our bodies, our health deteriorates rapidly.The World Health Organization has released a data showing that more than half of the world’s population has suffered from spinal disease every day.Among this group, the prevalence rate of white-collar workers and students is increasing year by year.Whether the spine is healthy or not is not only related to the physical and mental health of people, but also can be shown on the appearance of body shape, which will cause a lot of unnecessary trouble for patients.The spine is the axis of the human body, but also the axis of movement, with the support of the body, protect the spinal cord, spinal nerves and internal organs.Because of the curvature of spine itself, there are 4 curves from the side so, cervical vertebra and lumbar vertebra are convex to the front, thoracic vertebra and sacral vertebra are convex to the rear on the contrary.It is this spring-like curvature that ensures upright walking and cushions the shock and shock of walking and jumping to the brain and internal organs.But our spines are not fixed in this shape from birth.When the fetus is still in the womb, the entire spine is a straight and rear arc.Many newborns will have cervical lordosis, which is formed in the fetal spinal inertia, parents do not need to worry to correct, in the process of its rapid growth, the spine will slowly become normal.As the newborn gradually has the strength to lift the head, cervical lordosis and thoracic spine kyphosis will become more and more obvious.But it is not until he learns to walk upright that the functions of the cervical and lumbar vertebrae are gradually perfected.Cervical vertebrae and lumbar vertebrae are the most active and active regions in the whole spine, so they are more prone to strain or injury and cause morbidity.But spinal disease is more than just numbness and pain in the back.Many patients also appear arrhythmia, blood pressure instability, chest distress chest pain, angina pectoris, long-term intractable insomnia, hyperhidrosis or no sweat, skin itching and other symptoms can not find the cause, in fact, these disease symptoms may be the performance of spinal disease.When the vertebral joint dislocation occurs because of long-term strain or accident, it usually compresses the sympathetic nerve, and then causes the disorder of the autonomic nervous system, and the body will show some symptoms of disease that cannot find the focus.In clinical practice, this phenomenon is called spinal etiology. If spinal disease is properly treated, it can effectively relieve the symptoms of other diseases.In order to protect spinal health, it is necessary to do targeted sports from some small details at ordinary times, strengthen the protective measures of the spine in daily life, and truly achieve the effect of prevention over treatment.If you are an office worker, a student, or a driver who drives for a long time, the best way to keep healthy is to get up and move your limbs, back and neck every hour or so.At ordinary times to develop the habit of sitting upright, in the lumbar spine and chair back between the increase of cushion to relieve the pressure of lumbar spine.In the process of walking to keep the body as straight as possible, the pace is neither fast nor slow.Always pay attention to weight control.If it is found that the waist and abdomen have fat accumulation of the “life buoy”, it is more important to pay early attention to the problem of lumbar overburden.Overmuch adipose meeting lets lumbar vertebra and the muscle nearby cannot get effective exercise and become feeble, once occurrence accident, can lose the protective effect to the body completely.Well-developed psoas and abdominal muscles protect the stability of the spine during any movement or rest, and protect it from accidental injury.To exercise the lumbar spine and waist muscles, you can choose the “breaststroke” exercise mode.Before going to bed at night, take the prone type on the bed, push out your chest and raise your head, stretch your hands and feet in the air, as wild geese fly.This exercise is called the “goose pose” and is the best for the lower back muscles.If each movement lasts about five seconds in the air, the effect is better.People of different ages often suffer from different types of spinal disease.In adopting health care measures, attention should be paid to discrimination.For example, many health care methods and intensity targeted at the young are not suitable for the elderly.The elderly in the occurrence of spinal disease at the same time, can be accompanied by osteoporosis phenomenon, a little attention is likely to cause multi-azimuth fracture, and difficult to recover.There is a common point in all spinal care methods – at the critical point of one’s own body stretching maximum strength, excessive exertion will do more harm to the body than insufficient.There are many ways to exercise the spinal column and the muscle groups around the spinal column, and there are many daily attention factors to protect the spinal column. The key point is not how much content can be mastered at a time, but whether each content can be applied to daily life.Persistence is the only way to conquer disease and vice.