King of Glory: Tiger god ji sales out, yao sister double legend broke the news, 88 pieces to Zhen Ji!

2022-08-03 0 By

On New Year’s eve in the year of the tiger, the first round of sales has been officially released, and a lot of players as expected, the legend of pei escape tiger while quality is good, but because of the hero unpopular + Bruce lee, the sales volume of the skin at the end, but as the legend of ruban red flame top, yao sister officially revealed new skin at the same time,As the valentine’s Day series “lucky grass” themed skin, Yao mei officially became the first double legend wandering hero, take a look!Tiger god’s sales, sales ranking above mentioned legends skin ruban of flame, but compared liu 6 yuan is also poor, the sales of the highest sort for 6 yuan, liu bang legends, yuhuan han xin, sun bin lian Po, the last called the legend of the tiger, the sales ranking is are in conformity with the most players expect,Since the calculation is the skin sales volume in the last week and ranking, it is not ruled out that there will be a future that can surpass Hanxin Ao Xuemei Gun, who do you think it will be?Double legend of yao sister broke the second is the limit of valentine’s day, valentine’s day last year series made double legend, a lot of players in this comment in succession, but from the schedule of this year, the king’s confidence is not so, it is directly to valentine’s day was made in yao sister “cloud a communal magic” double legend, this home page is dressed up in formal clothing can be observed,Yao’s deer form is modelled in two colors, a girly pink and a fresher pale blue.And network transmission design draft, also has a pink yao sister related fact, already can determine yao will have a legend + star legend, similar to the double red legend series, but because of the current season is still in the year, the relevant officer xuan work has yet to start, the life also need to wait for a period of time, just look at this version of the design draft expectations is still full,The other valentine’s Day line, Yunzhongjun, has yet to be officially announced, so the same skin quality is uncertain.88 shard left for Zhen Ji and regarding the skin optimization in February, 3 pieces have been confirmed so far:Binjii waltz + concubine xiang yu’s ice and snow lovers skin, which in the snow and ice binjii had already revealed a new version of the optimized, as the texture in painting and in detail is pretty good, this round of many players to the long-awaited online “optimization of progress”, the word from the mouth of the officer xuan translation, is revealed the skin related online sessions,This means that native players can experience new skin after the king of the girl kingdom!And store for the epic of the skin, as by fragments of $888 for waltz into ice and snow, need to be equivalent to 88 pieces of skin, usually fragments after the optimization, skin will be online in the first week of synchronous joining fragments in the shop, this means binjii this life’s needs in the skin before valentine’s day, ready to corresponding pieces of skin,Fortunately, there are many activities for giving away shards at the end of the New Year. Those who are full of shards can squat down in the hall.Summary of Keda Duck’s views:Sales in general, the tiger god ji skin, ruban to skin a healthy list price of second legend, also the result of it, while the double skin legend yao sister belong to surprise, after a failed last time, after all, linkage, zhang liang shunt and to wander, support hero already has the first kind of legend, but double legend “title” is empty, this life yao players should pay attention to,88 shards of skin in reserve, the most beautiful ice waltz is coming!