In a 180-degree reversal, South Korea’s short track speed skating team made two jokes, hwang Dae-heon’s latest voice after winning gold

2022-08-03 0 By

South Korea’s Hwang Dae-heon crossed the finish line first in the men’s 1500m short track speed skating final at the 13th Session of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games on February 10 to help the South Korean team win the first gold medal.In the men’s 1500m semifinals, China’s Ren Ziwei failed to win his third gold medal because of a foul on his arm.I made a low-level mistake in the semifinal, maybe I thought too much, or my own problem, we still regard me as a transparent person, do not report me, I will sum up and adjust after the game.Ren ziwei did not complain about the referee’s blowing, very honest character, will be responsible for the loss on his own, let people sit up and take notice.Inversion attitude and Huang Daxian changed 180 degrees, before the title, in the men’s 1000 meters competitions, Huang Daxian and South Korea had complained that the referee’s call bias, and even South Korea’s Olympic delegation to appeal to the international HuaLian, the results make a big joke, international HuaLian decisive use video evidence to dismiss, issue a notice of the reasonThe South Korean team can be said to have scored a solid goal.Now, Hwang dae-heon spoke to the media again after winning the men’s 1,500m short track speed skating final. He said: This race is the cleanest race.The South Korean Olympic Delegation also said that Hwang dae-heon had won the gold medal by a landslide and that it was a great feat to clean up the injustice of the previous 1,000-meter race. It is a great encouragement for the South Korean Olympic team and I hope the rest of the South Korean Olympic team can enjoy the next race.Hwang dae-heon, who was ruled out by the referee before winning the 1,000m, said that the referee “took away his gold medal” and after winning the 1,500m, he said that “the referee made the cleanest call”.More interesting is that in the earlier, with the Chinese short track speed skating team coach of the same name of a south Korean propaganda department director, take the initiative to apologize to south koreans, who was named “Jin Shantai”, he said to the outside, with South Korea Internet users request, instead of to because of south Korean short track speed skating coach Jin Shantai Huang Daxian player, was sentenced to foul and unhappy south koreans sent condolences.The operation of this mystery can make the netizens laugh.Netizen message said: what’s going on, this South Korean director is the spirit of victory?In fact, the south Korean Olympic delegation of up to more than one in Beijing, many south Korean contestant complained the games village food tasted bad, they asked for South Korea’s Olympic delegation air kimchi, and before we netizens, the Japanese journalists and began to question the south Korean contestant, Japanese reporter was surprised to report said:Japanese athletes reported that the food in the village was delicious, and there were no complaints from other delegations.Japanese reporters also introduced that Beijing winter Olympics village dishes are many, the team in order to control weight, try not to eat too much.The South Korean delegation also complained about the food in the Japanese Olympic village during the Tokyo Olympics last summer, so it is now widely believed by Japanese netizens that the Korean palate is mixed with “jealousy” and “prejudice” and lacks “objectivity”, which can also be seen in short track speed skating at the Winter Olympics.