Get the 20th nation server, continue to attack the 21st nation server hero, fast new hero

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Momo chat game, bring you exciting and interesting king event information!Dear friends, in your hero pool, which hero has the highest combat power?Which heroes got the provincial brand?For the average player, a municipal brand, let alone a provincial one, will make them very happy!However, for some players of god level, the Chinese server brand is no longer their goal.These players are targeting the national server brands of multiple heroes!Oh Ritian is one of these players!Perhaps some friends do not know who Wu Ritian is, but if speaking of the title of “auxiliary god”, I believe that many players will be clear!Auxiliary god refers to wu Ritian!Why is Wu Ritian the auxiliary god?As early as June 2021, Wu Ritian has already played all of king of Glory’s auxiliary heroes on the Chinese server, and is the only player in the entire network to achieve the goal of all auxiliary heroes on the Chinese server.Therefore, netizens gave Wu ritian the title of “auxiliary God”!It is well known that The hero zhang Liang is positioned as an auxiliary and mage, but zhang Liang has been officially designated as an auxiliary hero!This is a very happy thing for Oh Il-cheon!There will be another hero added to his support heroes!From January, Wu Ritian began to impact Zhang Liang on the national server list, just a month, Wu Ritian beat Zhang Liang on the National server list!Zhang Liang also became wu Ritian’s 21st national hero!Meanwhile, Wu Ritian once again put all the auxiliary heroes on the Chinese server list!Some people doubt that Wu Ritian’s national service has no gold content, are low score national service, but Wu Ritian also has a number of nearly 20,000 national service, but also won 15 times of the strongest national service travel.Some auxiliary score is low, only in two or three years ago, Wan Zhan has been the peak.After jinchan online, Wu Ritian is also the first to put this hero on the Chinese server list, at present, Wu Ritian Jinchan’s battle force has exceeded 18,000!So the question is, which hero will Wu Ritian choose for his 21st national server?In his hero pool, all the auxiliary heroes have received the Chinese server brand!Originally, Wu Ritian 21st national service hero choice is Su Lie!As we all know, Although su Lie’s positioning is a soldier, but in the high-end peak game and professional game field, Su Lie is used to play auxiliary!That is to say, Su Lie’s auxiliary attributes are very high!After playing zhang Liang on the national service list, Wu Ritian on the non-stop impact of Su Lie’s national service list.Where can you quickly increase your battle power?Rampage, of course.This period of time, Wu Ritian with Su Lie in the summit of the results are very bright, not five consecutive wins, is seven consecutive wins!At this rate, netizens think that by the end of February, Wu Ritian is expected to beat Su Lie on the Chinese server list!Dear friends, do you think wu Ritian will be able to put Su Lie on the national server list and get his 21st national server brand by the end of February?