Ao ah!People’s Society “five tigers”, happy New Year to you

2022-08-03 0 By

Do you calculate how much pension you will receive?See → get treatment need qualification certification?Hand in hand to teach you how to do!Click to view labor security knowledge “little red book” sign labor contract, these should pay attention to!Click to see @ college graduates, employment and entrepreneurship can get these subsidies!College graduates employment and entrepreneurship policy service guide “pocket book”, please keep good!Click to view recruitment, file transfer, do retirement, apply for social security card……These things can be “arranged”!Quick action, inform commitment system, human and social affairs service electronic map……Do you enjoy these convenience measures?Click to see the schedule of the 2022 Professional And Technical Professional Qualification Examinations announced!Collect quickly!It’s time to clear up these misconceptions about vocational qualification exams!I wish you and your family a happy and healthy Year of the Tiger