Senior record official confirmation!Chinese women’s football received good news, Shui Qingxia this time completely at ease

2022-08-02 0 By

Beijing time on February 17, the latest news, Chinese football according to the domestic authoritative media reported the Beijing youth daily senior reporter XiaoNan confirmed, frost injury no matter, wang, she will soon be back on the field, as the core of the Chinese women’s football players, king frost injury to determine not much, this is obviously a good news.Xiao wrote: “Wang shuang’s injury is controllable, we do not need to worry too much.Do you remember when she accidentally sprained her ankle during training before the Asian Cup semifinal?It was that injury that caused the slight fracture, but it wasn’t a big deal.After returning to China, she also did not train, believe that after a period of careful treatment, recuperation, she will soon return to the field.”From Xiao’s report, we can see that Wang’s injury is not very serious and is under control now. Although the reporter did not reveal any more information, Wang’s injury is not serious, which is not only good news for Chinese women’s football, but also what Shui Qingxia is willing to see.Because, often focus on Chinese football all know, after the Asian cup champion, the women’s goal is the upcoming Asian games, ShuiQingXia hope to be able to get good grades in the competition, and to achieve this goal, in addition to the state to maintain good teams, and ensure full squad, not a big injury.Prior to this, the king of frost was caught out injured, fans are concerned, but now, XiaoNan pointed out that the king frost injury no matter, this is not only beneficial to the Chinese women’s impact at the Asian games, also means ShuiQingXia this time can be at ease, after all, the king of frost is the core of the Chinese women’s football players, as long as she stays healthy, it won’t affect the team’s overall strength.