Nine months, 2.24 million words, talking beard work “Lu Bu’s Life Simulator” is over!

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Today, when I started to read the novel, I found that another book was finished, which was a little unexpected, because the novel was not serialized for a long time and the length could only be said to be normal.The novel is “The Life Simulator of Lu Bu” by “The Talking Beard,” a historical struggle with Lu Bu as the main character.The novel was launched during last year’s May Day holiday, and it has been less than nine months since it ended.However, the author does update a lot, which makes the novel more than two million words long.The author’s pen name looks like a parody of platinum god’s “talking elbow,” which may be an alternative to the battle of the air.Just like “Chen Ji Tang Red beans” from the Central Plains five white there, the ultimate achievement of their own god name.The result of this novel is really good, all set to break ten thousand, glory one star, during the serial period basically stable in the history classification of the top five.For a while, I thought he was going to be the king of the twelve in the history category in 2021.Unfortunately, reading literature will be given to new media channels take off the authors.I have read this novel before. It tells the story of lu Bu, the indigenous protagonist, who starts a new life after he gets a plug-in of a life simulator.In the novel, Lu corrects his character flaws and learns more knowledge by simulating his life in other worlds.At the same time, the value of force is also in the rise of dawdling, can be said to break the limitations of low wu, to the direction of the development of the fantasy, the real have the courage of the improper.Being brave, never impulsive, and skillful in strategy and state administration, Lu Bu was a versatile man, and it was difficult for him to succeed in the chaotic end of the Eastern Han Dynasty.Of course, He did not rely on him alone. Most of the famous strategists of other teams were also taken under his command, which really showed a different story of The Three Kingdoms.However, the novel is also controversial, after all, Lu Bu’s intensification is all-round.Some of the other roles in the three countries are really weak in this comparison.Of course, the novel is worth looking at, after all, look at the image of the villain of Lyu3 Bu4, look at this kind of lyu3 Bu4 that makes huge change again, can have very big fresh feeling.In addition, the main body of the historical part of the novel actually ends on the 12th of this month.The author spent the next half month setting himself free to renew a vision that dominated America.After lu Bu ascended the throne and ended the chaotic times in the late Han Dynasty, the life simulator sent him to the United States in parallel time and space to start a new life.Here, he developed power step by step, but also began to study the secret of his body.Lived to be more than 400 years old, by the time humans began to colonize space.At the beginning, the author seems to want to continue to write, but it is too free to fly, attracting the attention of the god of harmony, and finally the author will brake in time to choose the end.Of course, if you are interested in this topic, you can also check it out.Green hills do not change, green water long flow, we still look forward to the author’s next novel, also will be an interesting story.So that’s it for this issue. I’m Elle, a web writer, and I’ll see you next time.