Legend of Zhen Huan: Which one of the classic quotes from Legend of Zhen Huan do you remember?

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Without further ado, let’s go straight to the dry goods and count the classic sayings of the main characters in Legend of Zhen Huan to see which one you still remember.The maple leaves don’t seem red enough this year.Then enjoy xia Chang in a zhang red bar, even with her blood for the palace maple leaf points color!This is the classic sentence in the third episode of The Concubine Said xia Dongchun.New people into the palace, xia Dongchun is a typical live but three sets of the small Lord, not only open line queen said clothes is the queen of the empress reward, but also in front of the public admonishment, this is not to compete with the Empress Of China concubine six palace authority?How can the Queen let you so tired, so let you taste the real admonition of the fierce.So he said to Songzhi, “The maple leaves this year are not red enough.”Songzhi immediately understood what her master meant and added, “I’ve heard that the maple leaf looks beautiful only when it is stained with blood.”Hua fei said: “then enjoy xia chang in a zhang red, even with her blood for the palace maple leaf points color!”.Is xia Dongchun doubt, Zhou Ninghai quickly for Xia Dongchun explain what is a zhanghong!It seems that the imperial Concubine is tuned by the people, and the master’s acting is also seamless connection!A zhang red, shocked the harem, let Xia Dongchun simply died in the fall of the second set, the end is not live over 3 sets!Princess Hua is really domineering ah!Hua Fei: bitch is hypocritical!Zhen huan has a miscarriage caused by the concubine, but the emperor doesn’t punish her severely for her partiality. Zhen is disheartened by the emperor.Mei zhuang learns that Zhen’s situation in the palace convinces her that she has to win the emperor’s favor to survive in peace, and takes her to see concubines in the cold palace. In addition, Zhen is humiliated by Qi’s concubine in the long street, and the empress doesn’t care about it, so Zhen is determined to win the favor and protect herself.Thus came the way of praying for butterflies in a plum garden on the snow in winter, and Zhen Huan became the emperor’s palace again.The Imperial Concubine was punished, the emperor ignored the Imperial concubine for several days, the imperial Concubine let Song Zhi go to the emperor at night, the emperor more than ten days in the future harem, and went to the broken jade xuan.The Imperial concubine was upset. Wasn’t Zhen Huan unwilling to get close to the emperor?Why are you willing again?Then from hua fei’s mouth to say “bitch is hypocritical” classic sayings.In the concubine’s eyes, all those who fight for her favor are bitches, but Zhen huan is not only cheap, but also sentimental.You don’t like the Emperor anymore, do you?Why do you like sex again?Therefore became a hypocritical bitch!◆ Zhen Huan: It is the empress’s bearing that can not be tolerated. It is the concubine’s ability to be tolerated.Meizhuang is grounded and framed by the Concubine of China against food epidemics, guarded, Zhen Huan wants to see sister eyebrow are very difficult.Just huan Bi is bought by Cao Guiren, leak false news, the result is hua Fei comes to catch thief without success.Zhen huan also hates Hua Fei for hurting her best friend, and tries to alienate Herself from Huan Bi to persuade him to betray her.As a result, Zhen Huan turns the crisis into an opportunity, successfully placing the Imperial Concubine of China and Cao Guigui, so that Cao Guigui returns without success and is reprimanded by the emperor. The emperor wanted to restore the right of the imperial Concubine of China to assist the sixth palace, but so anxious that the emperor thinks it is unnecessary.The emperor’s words hurt Concubine Zhen Huan very much.After the emperor leaves, Concubine Hua berates Zhen Huan, “Your new favorite is available, but there is no room for such a scheming person under me!Zhen Huan is not a vegetarian, since all with you on that ruthlessly beat your arrogance!Zhen Huan calmly tells the concubine, “It is the empress’s dignity to be tolerated, and it is the concubine’s ability to be tolerated.”The implication is that I’m against you anyway, and if you don’t let me in, it’s because you’re a concubine, and if you let me in, it’s because you’re not comfortable.Whether you let me or not, I have the means to bring you to my knees, and we’ll see!Anyway, I’m not afraid of you!When Zhen Huan can say this, she must not only have a plan for the enemy but also win the battle.This is also zhen Huan’s official declaration of war against Concubine Hua!A wonderful show is coming!◆ Princess Qi: Your Majesty, the third brother has grown taller!The emperor did not love Qi Fei, and if it were not for the fact that Qi Fei had a son who was not worthy of his honor, the emperor would have almost forgotten his existence.Imperial Concubine Hua joked publicly to Imperial Concubine Qi: “The emperor will like sister Qi’s growing fat.”The Imperial concubine of Qi was so happy that she was about to say something and immediately added a sword: “The emperor hasn’t visited his sister for a long time.”Qi Fei has no place to put her face.In the evening of episode 9, Zhen Huan persuades the emperor to visit qi’s sister.The emperor is not easy to come qi Fei palace, Qi Fei beginning the first sentence is not lang affection concubine meaning lingering words, but: “The emperor, three elder brother and long tall!”The reason why the emperor didn’t favor the Princess of Qi was largely due to the fact that the third brother was not smart and untalented. When the princess of Qi should have talked with the emperor about her personal behavior in the boudoir, she took the son out and put him at the center.Oh, if I were the emperor, this Qi Erha also have no interest, I also turned around and went to the broken jade xuan Huan huan place to hear him call me “four lang”.◆ Queen: I can’t do it!72 sets of queen abortion captain’s identity was exposed, the emperor learned that favorite pure yuan is also died in the hands of the queen, flew into a rage, do not believe that their own woman actually on their own sister also got poison, so to listen to her say it out.In front of the emperor, the queen and the emperor thought about everything in the palace.The emperor said: “Although the title chunyuan as the only Fujin, you are next only to Chunyuan’s side Of the Fujin.”The emperor lambasted the empress for her greed.Instantly, the queen’s lifelong bitterness poured out of her and she cried to the emperor, “Once the throne of Fujin, which should have belonged to my concubine, was taken away, and the crown prince, which belonged to my son, also belonged to someone else!My husband gave all his love to my sister. I wanted to be satisfied, but I couldn’t!”The queen said that she could not do it because she felt wronged. One was her own man and the other was her own sister. She was caught in the middle and wanted to be tolerant, but she could not do it.Have to say, as the side at that time jin Xinsheng grudge is also reasonable!But made a murderous move really can not pass the emperor this pass ah!Do you remember the classic lines in The Legend of Zhen Huan and have a great time saying them in the comments section?Follow me in the upper right corner of this article if you like. Next time will be more exciting.