Happy New Year | Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center to wish you all the year of the Tiger, like a tiger with wings added

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Tiger roaring castle Peak li Jin, the wind blows green willow spring.On the eve of the Upcoming Spring Festival, Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center would like to extend New Year’s greetings and best wishes to all friends who care about and support the construction and development of Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center.Lanzhou Olympic sports center construction since 2019, nearly three years, lanzhou Olympic sports center is a three pavilion, apartments and housing delivery is coming soon, sports industry become a single event games have to undertake international and domestic comprehensive sports ability of first class sports venues, this is lanzhou people’s sports dream firmly attitude,Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center is also a satisfactory answer to lanzhou and Gansu citizens.The prelude of 2022 is slowly opening, Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center will be on August 8 — August 15 as the main hall of the 15th Gansu Provincial Games, the host of the opening and closing ceremonies and some of the events.In lanzhou, gansu province 15th session of sport is by far the largest and most influential sports event, the Olympic sports center in lanzhou by modern science and technology technique of expression, the highlight of the Yellow River culture, the silk road culture connotation, show as the provincial capital of lanzhou comprehensive strength, such as economy, science and technology, culture and the spirit of, interpretation of “tenacious struggle, never give up” spirit of provincial games.Lanzhou Olympic sports center will be in the future, through the efforts of three to five years, the Olympic sports center in lanzhou into “the national first-class, unique” of the modern city sports services, gradually formed distinctive “delicate lanzhou, fashion Olympic” ecosystem, become a important “area” of sports, culture, foreign exchange platform,It plays an important role in promoting lanzhou’s urban construction level, establishing a new image of the city, and improving lanzhou’s national and even international influence.The New Year opens up new hopes and new journey carries new dreams.Thank you all for your care and support for LAN Olympic. Lanzhou Olympic Sports Center sincerely invites you to join us in the launch of 2022.On the occasion of the Chinese New Year, I wish you all a prosperous and prosperous Year of the Tiger. I wish you peace and prosperity in 2022