Epidemic prevention and control and work safety inspections were carried out for schools in Century City, Guanshan Lake District

2022-08-02 0 By

Recently, Century City Street in Guanshan Lake District has carried out epidemic prevention and control and work safety inspections for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the district, screening out safety risks and epidemic prevention problems on campus, creating an orderly campus environment and ensuring the safety and health of teachers and students in the district.In order to raise the school’s awareness of preventing safety risks and urge the school to do a good job in the prevention and control work during the epidemic, century City Sub-district organized staff to carry out a careful inspection of the school’s safety management and epidemic prevention and control work, check the school’s basic fire fighting facilities, and check the facilities and equipment to deal with emergencies.Pay special attention to check whether fire extinguishers are expired, fire hydrants and other fire facilities are in normal use, and whether the fire escape is unblocked.In order to ensure the food health and safety of students, the staff of the school canteen and kitchen inspection, detailed inspection of the kitchen environmental hygiene, as well as food in accordance with the provisions of anti-rodent and anti-fly measures, canteen staff whether the correct handling of food and other behaviors.To cope with the effects of the COVID – 19 outbreak, the staff and epidemic prevention work of school inspection, request the schools during the outbreak of epidemic prevention and control work, more attention must be paid to the strict school teachers and students and staff to do personal protection, insist on wearing a mask, wash your hands often and daily protection measures such as ventilation, pay close attention to the disease form,Timely follow up and implement relevant epidemic prevention measures and policies of the school.At present, the situation of the epidemic is complicated and severe in China. Century City Street has always attached great importance to the life and health of the people under its jurisdiction, and has continuously carried out work safety and epidemic prevention and control investigations, providing strong support for the health and safety of the people under its jurisdiction.Guizhou Daily sky eye news reporter Judy editor Judy editor Wang Li Luo Chang