Ding dong!Taiyuan Zhongyuan New Year’s greetings have been delivered, I wish you “tiger” gas full

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The Intermediate People’s Court of Taiyuan wishes the people of the whole city a happy New Year at the happy time of ringing out the old year and ushering in the New Year. The Intermediate People’s Court of Taiyuan wishes the people of the whole city a happy New Year. The Intermediate People’s Court of Taiyuan would like to express its heartfelt thanks to the people from all walks of life who have long cared and supported the work of the court.To contribute to the cause of the court of all police and retired cadres extend high respect!I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the families of police officers who have been silently supporting the work of the court for a long time.The year 2021 is a year of great achievements despite wind and rain, perseverance and endeavor.In the past year, we have braced our efforts with unity and continued to forge ahead with our political loyalty.The municipal courts have made scientific plans and achieved new results in various works.136,240 cases were accepted and 126,550 were concluded.The settlement rate was 92.89%, up 4.40%, 10.22% and 5.57% respectively.The average number of cases concluded by judges with posts was 327, 85 more than last year, 185 more than the provincial average.The trial and correction rate of first instance decreased from 8.04% last year to 4.18%, 47.98% lower than last year, and the improvement of case quality ranked first in the province.Trial quality, efficiency and effect “advance in three dimensions”, and the core index of trial quality and efficiency has entered the first square in the province.Looking back at the past, we are moved by the fact that strivers do not spare time to pursue their dreams day and night.Unforgettable trial team with lots of paperwork, burning the midnight oil;Unforgettable implementation of the police running around, overcome difficulties;Unforgettable judicial police wet clothes, strong security;Unforgettable Comprehensive administrative departments are diligent and hardworking.The hard work and dedication of all police officers have written a moving chapter of justice for the people and justice.When another wisp of warm sunshine is shed in Longcheng, taiyuan court people will continue to bring all the passion and blood, glory and dream with a more ambitious mental state and a more realistic and pragmatic work styleMore perseverance of the strong will set the heart to gather strength to make persistent efforts to achieve success again!!- Produced by END- Lab