160,000 BYD Song PLUS new energy flagship PLUS after all how?208km drive, the owner said the truth

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Everybody is good!I am the owner of Song PLUS new energy, from Nanning. My model is “2021 DM-I 110KM flagship PLUS”. The purchase price is 160,000, the driving distance is 208 km, and the comprehensive fuel consumption is 4.7L.First, the reason for choosing this car is that pure electricity is easy to drive and quiet, and this is the fuel-saving hybrid car is rushed to this.After I went to the shop to see the car, I felt that the appearance and interior decoration were quite in line with my mind. I felt that the car was quiet when it opened, no matter the noise of wind, tire or engine, it was specially designed to be quiet. In short, my first feeling was good.Two, the appearance and the feeling of the interior design of the car is very Chinese, is there?From the design of the headlight is like a dragon soul headlight, like longan, domineering sliding sideways, evening with lamps light up step by step of lighting effects, and the design of the rear lights, turn signal flow type, plus throughout the tail light, like a light show, suv, like flowing water line, moving in the dark like a pierced the night of the longan, hee hee, imagination is a bit strong.Interior materials are mostly leather, compared the same price of other models, it is one of the most of leather, and car machine is like a big apple placed in the car, the operation is simple, and more computerized, all the operation can be finished call small di oh, the back of the room is super big, if the rear seat down completely, can lie two people,A good helper for home travel.This car is 470518901680 in length, width and height, and the wheelbase is 2765 in length, so whether it is one meter nine tall people sitting inside is not crowded, let alone the relatively not what high people are not crowded.From interior vehicle look full of intimacy, leather seats, coupled with the heating seat, the steering wheel to the touch is also full of cortex, sitting on the driver seat package sense is very strong, and electric adjustable, for I am such a lazy man, absolutely too happy, display is very big, as if is 12.8 inches, brush trill playing video games can also be connected to the Internet, came home from work at ordinary times,Tired always like to stay in the car to sit, in the car will brush douyin what to go home, the back row space is also very large, the vehicle hungry leather material is very full and very hard, praise.Four, the power and control of the feeling of power is a little bit weak, sometimes the uphill may cost more oil, this mainly depends on where the personal car is much more, but electricity is not this feeling, if you have this doubt we can go to the shop to test drive to see if the individual can accept it.No matter the steering wheel steering, uphill turning or high-speed driving, the car is relatively smooth without shaking at present.Fuel consumption, energy consumption, I opened the six years of the car, no matter what the car in winter, summer leaves air conditioning power consumption must be more than normal this is human nature, after all, is the new car didn’t open long is not good to comment too much now is no big shortcoming, but this I can drive charging can also place this benefit is didn’t have to say.1. Highlights of this car.Soon? I just got back to the car is also every day is to work for a couple of days and I will be thinking of rest to buy this car back when you can take my family go out to travel I was surprised by the car’s fuel consumption because almost a six normal car fuel consumption is 4.7 oil I commute is electricity that day went to the suburbs and oil test is fuel efficiency.The interior is also attractive to me and the off-white interior looks classy.The appearance of this car is also very grand. After I bought it, many colleagues asked me how much it cost to buy it, because they did not like the car of this brand before, they tried my car and praised me again and again.They all say it’s a very nice car.2. What are the shortcomings?I am not satisfied with it because it is an plug-in charger, so it is not very convenient to charge at home. I am an outsider working in Nanning, so I also rent a house. Now there is no way to install the charging rental, but I can only get the company to charge.3. Is it worth it?When I bought a car at that time, there was no discount. I also asked other stores and found that there was no discount and no current car. But I liked this car so much that I ordered the car and waited for a month before I picked up the car.