Key Places protection Guide (27) : Fitness venues

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In view of the current situation of COVID-19 prevention and control and the characteristics of the epidemic among the population, the NHC and relevant departments have revised the guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in key places, key units and key groups, forming the Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of COVID-19 in Key Places, Key Units and Key groups (August 2021 edition).Today, let’s look at the key places protection guide article 27: fitness places.1. Stock up on masks, hand sanitizers, disinfectants and other epidemic prevention materials, formulate contingency plans, fulfill the primary responsibilities of units, and strengthen health training for personnel.2. Staff should receive all vaccinations and pay attention to personal protection after vaccination.Establish staff health monitoring system, daily health status of staff should be registered, if suspicious symptoms should be timely medical treatment.3. Customers and staff entering fitness venues shall have their body temperature checked and their health codes checked. Only those with normal body temperature and health codes can enter.People with abnormal body temperature should seek medical advice in time. Wear a mask and keep good hand hygiene on the way to medical treatment.4. Ensure effective ventilation.When the temperature is appropriate, try to use natural ventilation to strengthen indoor air circulation.If the central air conditioner is used, check whether the equipment is normal before turning it on.In the process of operation, operate with maximum fresh air volume, and clean, disinfect or replace the equipment and parts such as air supply outlet regularly.5. Clean and disinfect reception desks, corridors, public areas, restrooms, fitness equipment, changing rooms, showers and public toilets.6. Keep the environment clean and tidy, and remove garbage in time.7. Public toilets should be equipped with enough hand sanitizer to ensure the normal operation of water supply facilities such as faucets;If possible, quick-drying hand disinfectant or inductive hand disinfection equipment can be equipped at the front desk and elevator entrance.8. According to the actual situation of the venue, timely regulate the number of people entering the venue by booking services to avoid over-crowding.Customers are advised to exercise for no more than two hours.9. Pay attention to personal hygiene, timely hand hygiene, avoid touching your mouth, eyes and nose with uncleaned hands, and cover your mouth and nose with tissue or elbow and arm when sneezing or coughing.10. Staff shall wear medical surgical masks or masks of higher grade during the whole working period;Customers wear disposable medical masks, medical surgical masks or above protective grade masks during non-fitness activities.Replace masks when they become wet or dirty.11. Customers should keep a distance of at least 1 meter when exercising, and use hand disinfectant before and after using fitness equipment.Clean and disinfect the sports ground, equipment and surfaces of high frequency contact objects before and after the end of business every day.12. Promote COVID-19 prevention and control knowledge through posters, electronic screens and billboards.13. In case of confirmed, suspected and asymptomatic COVID-19 cases, the site should be subjected to terminal disinfection under the guidance of local disease prevention and control institutions, and the air conditioning and ventilation system should be cleaned and disinfected. The site can be reopened only after passing the hygiene evaluation.Previous review of jiangsu Key Site protection Guide (1) : Dock
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