I on-the-job | festival three policewoman in pingxiang and neutralizes husband “couples” shou sui tour

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“Bureau party committee, we are policemen affiliated, is also our police’s wife, husband, now we pingxiang city border line with battle to illegally cross the national border (frontier) crime and epidemic prevention and control of task, adhere to the longest line has been more than seven hundred days, this year the Spring Festival approaching, we request to the border and neutralizes husband fought alongside patrol guard while…”On January 28, zhao Yun, Deng Xi and Feng Qinggui, three female police officers from chongzuo Public Security Bureau, jointly wrote a letter of request to the Party Committee of the bureau, asking them to fight with their husbands on the border of Pingxiang city, and to write a special style of epidemic prevention and control on the border and crack down on the “husband and wife teams” who illegally cross the border.”Son, go with mom and your dad patrol guard while” on January 28, as congzuo city public security bureau of public security detachment Deng Xi informed of the general office is an pingxiang city number Li Renyi border police station instructor husband and hold position, the Spring Festival to well-documented congzuo city public security bureau party committee to the border guard tour with garrison the husband side, after approval,She hurried home and told her 12-year-old son, who was burying his head in his homework, “Son, take your homework and go with your mother to the border to patrol the border with your father!””Yeah!”The son jumped up with joy: “My birthday is the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. I can go to my father’s border police station for my birthday this year…”Deng Xi’s work every day with the border related to prevention and control, attack and other boring numbers and words to deal with, until now to the border with her husband patrol, she felt that every number of the border is with sweat “bubble” out:On January 31, at 9 a.m. Deng Xi step car cruise tour with her husband Li Renyi combination of the boundary tablets, 1125-1138 on 13 km border patrol 24 hours control, at the same time within the sector on 21 timing clock in epidemic prevention and control card points, focusing on prevention and control situation and in case of on duty personnel keep out illegal immigrants from entering the country.At three o ‘clock in the afternoon, Li Renyi and his wife patrol to the border police station miqi arrived at the border police room to do the New Year’s Eve dinner, found that the gas ran out, called the gas store to send gas cans, people had gone back to the New Year, Li Renyi saw Deng Xi a little disappointed, that is, said:”Soak a bowl of instant noodles to appease hunger, we have to patrol three boundary tablets about 5 kilometers of border mountain road, in the evening back to the police station to eat dinner.””Wife, we in the point and the villagers eat dinner” congzuo city public security bureau office secretarial section chief Zhao Yun husband dawn the pingxiang city public security bureau deputy director, in charge of the epidemic prevention and control as well as the public security brigade, police station groundwork, Zhao Yun from husband work according to see “behind me is the home country, I don’t keep who keep, I don’t who” on a pair of signs, blood boiling,Immediately write request to the border with her husband to stick to the Spring Festival post.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 in early 2020, Pingxiang city has set up a total of 97 km border checkpoints to prevent imported cases.Liming is responsible for controlling these border checkpoints and arriving forces.Zhao Yun tells a reporter, the husband of pingxiang city while the border, but the city’s communist party jointly between the people and controls in place, is only 2021 to present the public security organ has seized more than three thousand illegal entry migrants, but haven’t found cases of domestic at present, this is the most worthy of respect, the most proud of, today with her husband on patrol in the border path,Looking at the landmarks and every inch of land behind us, I can feel a sense of responsibility, mission, honor and pride, and I can even more appreciate the feelings of those who guard and defend the border areas.”My country is behind me, I don’t defend who defend, I don’t top who top!”It is for this feeling, Zhao Yun and her husband dawn in the border forest trail, in the cliff in the rain.On January 31, about 10 o ‘clock in the morning, Zhao Yun couple tour edge to between 1134 and 1135 boundary tablets traffic control points, heavy rain, despite the raincoat, husband was worried about his wife round edge “defeat”, advised her to more than three hundred meters outside the shelter, Zhao Yun said firmly: you and your comrades keep long tour side didn’t say with me half sentence, what be afraid of the cold under today, go!Keep patrolling!Behind us is our country…At three o ‘clock at noon, dawn couple patrol came to a woman card point, guard card of the two female border people are eating dinner, Dawn greeted his wife: “wife, hungry, we eat dinner at the card point and guard edge villagers.””Husband, these two be a stowaway?”Chongzuo city public Security Bureau security section of the female police Feng Qinggui is with Deng Xi, Zhao Yun together to the bureau party committee to write a petition, but her petite figure in the foot patrol is a little difficult.Feng’s husband, Liang Jianping, served as political commissar of the Technical Investigation Branch of The Public Security Bureau of Chongzuo city. Since the end of 2019, he has served as deputy director of the Public Security Bureau of Pingxiang City, in charge of drug control, epidemic prevention and control, and technological construction.January 31 morning, Feng Qinggui with her husband to check 1125 to 1135 boundary between the card point, because of the rainy road slippery, she has several falls.At noon, the couple wanted to go back to the police room for lunch. The police of the patrol suddenly called Liang Jianping’s mobile phone: “Deputy Liang, we intercepted two suspects near the Border patrol Road No. 68, please police support.About ten minutes later, Feng Qinggui with her husband Liang Jianping arrived at the scene, saw the two suspects have been patrol police control, she pulled her husband’s sleeve quietly asked: husband, these two are stowaways?Will they test positive…”After the patrol team police initial investigation, the two suspects they illegally entered our prevention and control buffer zone, to the border to pick up the overseas electric fraud suspects, they fled from the mainland to the border, the probability of positive is very small.”After comforting his wife, Liang Jianping turned around and told the patrol police: please tell your patrol teams and all the points between 1125 and 1135 boundary tablets, pay close attention to the movement along the border, strictly prevent illegal entry of stowway on New Year’s Eve!