Hubei Jingzhou: “Jingshen” relay to build a protection wall for epidemic prevention and control

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Jingchu network (Hubei Daily network) news (correspondent Gong Tianshu, Yang Changhong, Guan Yongxia) friends far and wide, thousands of miles are also neighbors.At 9:30 on The morning of April 8, a fleet of cars full of jingzhou people’s love for goods and materials set off for Shanghai!Just a few years ago, when all parts of Hubei pressed the button to suspend economic and social development, people from all walks of life in Shanghai responded quickly and poured all their money to support Hubei’s fight against the epidemic.Now, Jingzhou and Shanghai stand side by side, this time, for Shanghai.Behind the surging of a batch of love materials is a true relay of various departments in Jingzhou.Only to keep the “Shanghai” party safe.True feelings relay only to keep “Shanghai” one party peace one party is difficult, p plus support.Behind the surging of a batch of love materials is a true relay of various departments in Jingzhou.”Do everything possible to provide the materials needed by the people of Shanghai!”At the critical moment of The epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai, The Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee and The Jingzhou Municipal Government made urgent arrangements, and all departments actively collected lists, formulated procurement plans, contacted enterprises, and deployed transport vehicles. All procurement, packing and loading tasks were completed in just three days.”The number of vehicles has increased from 8 to 10, and the permits for the remaining two vehicles must be processed as soon as possible!”At midnight on April 7, Li Jinglong, a member of the medical supplies special class of the Municipal Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters and a fourth-level researcher of the Municipal Economic and Information Technology Bureau, received an urgent call that he needed to increase his vehicle and apply for a pass immediately.At this time, less than 8 hours from the departure time, how to apply for a pass to Shanghai in the shortest time?The pandemic is the order!Li jinglong immediately coordinated the vehicle, collected information, communicated with the Shanghai Office, submitted the vehicle and driver information, waited for the electronic pass to be issued, and handled all matters. It was already 4 am.”I hope these supplies can bring them a real heart and peace of mind,” he said.In recent days, staff from the medical supplies support team and daily life supplies support team of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters have been rushing back and forth to several loading points of supplies to ensure the strong and orderly progress of the aid work in Shanghai.On the morning of the same day, medical experts and traffic police accompanied the team, carrying the deep friendship of 6.37 million People in Jingzhou, which is more than 1,000 kilometers away from Shanghai, to support the fight against the epidemic and protect Shanghai.Starting site, we watch the team leave, wish you a safe journey, as soon as possible back to Jing.In Jingzhou city, Hubei province, anti-epidemic supplies rushed to Help Shanghai. From the “bright sun” to the “starry night”, they drank water from the same river, forming a deep friendship.From day to night, from “the sun is shining” to “the stars are shining”, just to send the profound friendship of the children of Jingzhou to the people of Shanghai.In Jingzhou city, Hubei province, anti-epidemic supplies rushed to Shanghai.At 3pm on April 7th, the outdoor temperature in Jingzhou was close to 30 degrees Celsius, and the sun made people’s faces turn red. More than 100 workers were busy at the jingyu Preferred site in Jiangling County. To ensure the freshness and quality of the materials, they carefully classified and packed each piece of material.”Day and night”, only for Shanghai citizens to eat fresh vegetables.On the afternoon of April 7, lianghu Green Valley learned that Jingzhou Municipal Party Committee and Government had donated materials for Shanghai, and immediately contacted the material Support team of the City’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, arranging staff to pack 30 tons of vegetables into 3,136 portions overnight.Working day and night for several days, the first batch of supplies to Shanghai has been collected and loaded successfully.Up to now, Jingzhou city has allocated more than 285,000 pieces of materials.”I am in Shanghai, I am from Jingzhou;””I’m from Jingzhou, and I went to college in Shanghai.””I’m from Shanghai, I work in Jingzhou…”The departure ceremony in the morning of April 8 was broadcast live by jingzhou Daily.Live broadcast room, all over the net friends in thank the people of Jingzhou.”I am a native of Jingzhou and have worked in Shanghai for nearly 18 years. I am very proud that jingzhou people have sent materials to Shanghai.”Yang Tianzhong, deputy secretary general of Jingzhou Chamber of Commerce in Shanghai, was excited when he saw the supplies.My eyes watered when I looked at the packing scene.God pity the grass, the world heavy late love.””As a jingzhou native struggling in Shanghai, I feel proud of my hometown.””We have a long life ahead of us.”…In the live broadcast room, a sentence from the bottom of the heart message warm everyone, moved overflow screen.All the blessings come together in one word — we are one family.As of 8 PM, jingzhou Daily’s all-media “Jingzhou Rush to Shanghai, 24 hours straight” has been watched by more than 200,000 people.It is more than 1,000 kilometers from Jingzhou to Shanghai, and the sons and daughters of Jingzhou have helped Shanghai win the battle against the epidemic with practical actions.When the epidemic is over, the people of Jingzhou will welcome the people of Shanghai to visit with open arms!(Source: Yan Xiaojun, Jingcai News Editor)