How to buy different kinds of salt?

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What is the difference between sea salt, salted salt and iodized salt?Sea salt A type of salt made from sea water. The minerals in sea water are separated out with sodium chloride during salt making, making sea salt richer in minerals than other types of salt.Salting salt this salt is a slightly lower accuracy of salt, is a sun salt formed after the evaporation of sea water;This salt in addition to the vast majority of sodium chloride (91% or so), but also contains calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, calcium sulfate, magnesium sulfate and other substances.Generally speaking, these larger particles of sun salt is more suitable for curing some food, because it is relatively large particles, slow dissolution, so it is not suitable for daily cooking in the family.The opposite of iodized salt is iodized salt. Iodine is added to table salt in order to prevent thyroid diseases caused by iodine deficiency in the population.If you have enough iodine in your body, choose non-iodized salt.What should we pay attention to when buying and eating salt?Do not blindly buy salt there are many varieties, when choosing to carefully.Common salt can be used when cooking and cooking, which can be dissolved quickly.Controlling sodium intake helps to improve the health factor of life.Eat low sodium salt, but also to control the consumption of low sodium salt, indeed can effectively reduce the intake of sodium ions, increase the intake of potassium ions, but this premise is to control the total amount of salt added, sodium reduction about 25%, must not add too much.Pay attention to label information when buying salt, we should choose salt produced by regular manufacturers, pay attention to the sensory quality of salt and the label on the package. We should choose products with white appearance and fine sand shape, and clear and complete information label on the package.