“Home with a beautiful wife fortune,” she returned to 50 down and out educated youth, holding the power to marry the rural army commander

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Hello everyone, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to read this article.As a super love network push novels I, thinking for a long time decided to read their own feel good novels to share with you, like reading fans, do not miss it, today small make up minutes to let friends see addiction don’t sleep, hee hee.If you look good, remember to collect, not afraid of book shortage again!Today small make up to recommend to you: “Home with a beautiful wife Fortune fortune,” she returned to 50 into the poor educated youth, holding the power to marry the rural army chief first book: “Home with a beautiful wife Fortune fortune fortune” content line: “Home with a beautiful wife Fortune fortune fortune” she returned to 50 into the poor educated youth, holding the power to marry the rural army chief highlights:”You good little lady improper, not to serve my nephew well, to fussy what, you will?”Zhao xiaoyuan’s tone is very light, as if joking, it is easier to appear that she is so, as if she is concerned about her.Cao Baiyun immediately said: “The third daughter-in-law, our nephew’s daughter-in-law can be lucky, as soon as you give us yunbai chongxi, we yunbai will be good, sister-in-law ah also like our nephew’s daughter-in-law.Zhao Xiaoyuan was silent, just peaceful looking at summer day, eyes meaningful.Summer day also is just know, the rouge shop of Zhang jia is zhao Xiaoyuan’s mother family management actually, parodying just can be strange, of course that kind of feeling mixes very little, can hide other people, cannot hide sensitive summer day however.Zhang Yunfei then said, “Yunbai has changed his character after waking up. He doesn’t like any of us to be near him, and I can’t help it. And I’m willing to learn every day.Since this is the case, Cao Bai xue and Zhao Xiaoyuan have no words,.Summer day’s eyes focus on another woman’s body, is also more than 30 years old, small home jasper do not love to talk, obediently sit on the side of low head, from time to time to drink a table top of tea.(Click below to read it for free online) Highlights: She was supposed to be pale and lightly made up, with a red mouth and a little chestnut hair, just above her shoulders, and now this hair, black and long…No, no…”Pa” a sound, the hand mirror fell on the table, Pan Nanyue frightened back, turned to look at Yang Qin, and looked at sitting in the kang inside the son, then look at yourself, and then eyes, and fainted…Yang Qin saw people and dizzy, scared quickly ran back to his home, let their men to shout Uncle Zhao, she ran back, her mother-in-law Zhao aunt also followed.’Hemlock, what’s all this?Floret how dizzy again?”Aunt Zhao just listened to two sentences in the audience, but did not understand.Yang Qin put the person in order, and to cover the quilt, “niang, I also don’t know how, floret just wake up when still good, also drink medicine, I just advised her a few words, and then…And then she fainted again…”She’s confused, too. Something’s wrong.”Mother, did I say something wrong?I…I didn’t say anything…”She was a little scared because of what she had said.Aunt Zhao patted daughter-in-law’s hand, comfort said: “don’t think blind, little flower is good, won’t be angry because of your words, besides she is sick now, should be in bad health just fainted, don’t think blind ah…”(Click below to read online for free) The third book: “Shou Fu Jia’s Lucky little Wife” highlights: Shen Mingzhu was so anxious, distracted, finger was put aside by the needle pricked.Hissing…Blood beads immediately overflow, Shen Mingzhu looked at the fingertip of the blood, suddenly remembered the book in the special constitution of the original owner, hurriedly poured half a bowl of cold open.She began to squeeze the blood, but could not squeeze it out. She pricked her finger with a needle until the water in the bowl turned red with blood. Then she put down the needle and gave jiang Chen the blood in the bowl.After half an hour, Jiang Chen’s fever finally subsided.Shen Mingzhu pulled up the sheet and put it over him. The bed was not big. Jiang Chen lay in the middle and the bed looked even smaller.Thinking over what had happened today, she was suddenly afraid.Today her change is too big, Jiang Chen is so shrewd, he can suspect?No way!She had to go over the plot of the book again.This stroke, she found that the original owner really a story, love brain, blind, when the dreg lover, for his life does not marry, do his wisdom bag, do his money bag, finally did his knife under the soul.In the book, the original master learned that the man who cheated and played with women’s feelings suspected that she was the lost pure spiritual body medicine, blood can cure all diseases, she would like to test the man who cheated and played with women’s feelings is not true?So he tricked a man who was playing with women’s feelings into taking blood.(click below free online reading) “the home has a wife in good fortune” she return to come down in the educated youth, hand power to marry to the countryside captains above is small make up to bring the wonderful books today, hope you like them, and then add more attention and collection oh, there are fans can also have opinions and views in the comments section,Xiaobian will discuss with you about good novels and wonderful story lines!