Female volunteers support half the sky in fighting the epidemic

2022-08-01 0 By

In the face of the current severe and complex epidemic prevention and control situation, in recent days, Qingshan community women’s Federation actively responded to the call of the community Party branch, give play to the unique role of women, organize the executive committee of the Women’s Federation, women volunteers actively into the community nucleic acid testing work, to win the epidemic prevention and control of the war to contribute to the strength of women.At nucleic acid testing sites, temperature measurement, information registration, order maintenance…Female volunteers can be seen everywhere. They stick to their work with care, patience and sense of responsibility, so that the nucleic acid testing work in an orderly manner.The mission is glorious and the responsibility is great.At the critical moment, they seem to be weak, but in fact they are resolute, always fighting on the front line of the epidemic, in their ordinary posts, defending the health and safety of the people, with the strength of women to support the fight against the epidemic “half of the sky”.Editor: Yang Lihui Editor: Chen Xiaoling review: Long Fei