Engine “health” skills to understand

2022-08-01 0 By

Regularly clean or replace “/” “/” refers to the engine oil filter, air filter, fuel filter, congestion will lead to insufficient oil supply, if a/engine power, shorten the service life of the engine driving lead to weakness, and a series of conditions, it is recommended that all owners regularly clean or replace the “/”.Regular cleaning of the water tank Engine water tank rust and scaling problem is very common, iron trace and scale will limit the flow of antifreeze in the cooling system and reduce the cooling effect, but also lead to high temperature engine, serious damage to the engine.Therefore, it is recommended that owners clean the water tank on time and replace or add antifreeze.Pay attention to the maintenance of the radiator in the spring growth of all things, at this time the flying poplar catkins in the air will be absorbed to the surface of the radiator by the fan on the way, causing the blockage of the radiator and affecting the efficiency of heat dissipation.Therefore, it is recommended that owners remove the radiator and use compressed air or high-pressure water gun to flush vertically to ensure normal heat dissipation of the radiator.