Congratulations jiangxi!190 million new schools have been settled in a “small county”, covering an area of 146 mu and accommodating more than 4,200 students

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No matter what stage of social development, all walks of life need to introduce high-quality talents to ensure innovation and development, so education is the foundation!In recent years, the state has invested a lot in the construction of colleges and universities, but despite this, basic education can not be ignored.Especially for some remote counties, if local students want to change their fate through knowledge, they need the local government to help the education industry!For the majority of students’ parents, nothing is more important than their children’s education!Only by receiving a good education, can we expand our knowledge and broaden our horizon, and we will have more advantages in the future.So the education industry has become the most important link!190 million new schools settled in jiangxi county!Jiangxi province has been quietly developing education, and through unremitting efforts, made a good result, so that the local education level has been greatly improved, for local students, very helpful!However, high quality schools are still concentrated in big cities. For county towns, further planning is needed.It is gratifying that now a small county in Jiangxi province has been selected to welcome a new school costing up to 190 million yuan to provide high-quality teaching resources for local students. The highly anticipated new school is poyang Middle School Affiliated School!I believe many people are not particularly familiar with this school.However, the construction project of this campus has been highly valued by the local county Party Committee and the county government, and the location is also very meaningful. The site is located in Poyang Key cultural tourism town. The construction of the school here is not only conducive to building its popularity, but also conducive to creating a high-quality campus environment, killing two birds with one stone!Of course, if you want to build a new school, it’s the degree resources that the outside world cares most about!The school will cover an area of 146 mu, and will open 90 teaching classes in the future, adopt the teaching mode of nine-year system, the enrollment scale will break through 4200 people in the future!Poyang is only a county, but in recent years, the government has paid great attention to it. It has not only been improved in education development, but also contributes to the further development of its economy. In a word, the strength of this small county can not be underestimated!Let’s look forward to it.Want to know more exciting content, come to pay attention to xiaobayi education