COVID-19 vaccines can now be administered sequentially!Who is eligible for vaccination?

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Officer xuan!”With the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the NHC has started to deploy sequential enhanced immunization.”At the press conference of the Joint Prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council on February 19, Wu Liangyou, Deputy Director of the CDC under the NHC, said that the vaccination strategy had been further supplemented and improved according to the development and use of novel Coronavirus vaccines.Sequential booster immunization refers to the selection of COVID-19 vaccines that are different from the inactivated route during booster immunization.Until now, China has been implementing the strategy of homologous booster vaccination, which means that booster shots should be given with the same technical route as COVID-19 vaccines.Sequential booster immunization means that booster shots can be selected for recombinant protein vaccines and adenovirus vector vaccines.Wu Liangyou said that after the implementation of sequential strengthening immunization strategy, the completion of two doses of inoculated Chinese medicine In Beijing company, Wuhan company, Beijing Sinovation company inactivated vaccine target population, can also choose zhifei Dragon Koma recombinant protein vaccine or concino adenovirus vector vaccine for sequential strengthening immunization.Who is eligible for vaccination?According to the new sequential booster deployment, not all people are eligible for sequential immunization.So who can get a booster shot with a different route of vaccine?Chinese center for disease control and prevention immune planning chief expert, Mr Wang said that the order of the immune objects have three conditions, it is people over the age of 18, the second is 2 through dose of inactivated vaccine vaccination, the vaccine is raw in its Beijing sinovac biotech company, Beijing, national medicine in wuhan company these three will be coronavirus inactivated vaccine in one of them.Third, there was no enhanced immunity, that is, the third injection was not hit.Wang Huaqing reminds that after vaccination, observation should be kept for 30 minutes. When adverse reactions related to vaccination are suspected, such as lasting for a long time and serious symptoms, one is to report to the vaccination unit, and the other is to seek medical treatment in time.Why sequential immunization?The booster shot had to follow the same route as the previous vaccine technology, but now it can be different. Why?Shao Yiming, a member of the vaccine research and development team under the Joint prevention and control Mechanism of The State Council, said that according to previous experience in infectious disease prevention and control, a single vaccine can deal with conventional viruses, but for viruses that are cunning and good at mutating, different vaccines can be used in “joint operations”.”Sequential immunization has two advantages.”Shao Yiming explained: one is that different vaccines can complement each other’s advantages, and the other is that side reactions can be reduced for some people. Because different people have different constitutions, some people may have more serious side reactions to a certain vaccine, so the occurrence of side reactions can be reduced by changing the vaccine.Omicron has become the dominant strain in the global epidemic.Wu liangyou said that the omicron variant strain has become the dominant strain imported from abroad and the local epidemic in China, with stronger transmission power and faster transmission, and the risk of imported and local epidemic in China has greatly increased.In response to novel Coronavirus variations, WHO supports flexible homologous and heterologous vaccination programmes.Based on research evidence, some countries in the Americas, Europe and Southeast Asia have begun to implement sequential booster immunization, Wang said.”The data show that both homologous and sequential booster immunization can further improve the immune effect, and it is hoped that people who meet the requirements for vaccination can actively vaccinate and vaccinate early.”Wu Liangyou said.China has started!A press conference was held under the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council this afternoon (February 19).Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the DISEASE control and Prevention Bureau of the NHC, said at the meeting that the NHC has started to strengthen the sequential immunization with the approval of the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council.Previously, target groups aged 6 months and over 18 who received inactivated vaccines from Sinopac Beijing, Sinopac Beijing, Sinopac Wuhan or adenovirus vector vaccines from Tianjin Concino could receive a single dose of secondary homologous booster immunization, that is, a booster with the original vaccine.After the implementation of the sequential enhanced immunization strategy, the target population that has completed the whole vaccination of the three inactivated vaccines mentioned above can also choose the recombinant protein vaccine of Zhiphirongoma or the adenovirus vector vaccine of Concino for sequential enhanced immunization.For the target population, either homologous booster immunization or sequential booster immunization can be selected.In addition, the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council also approved homologous enhanced immunization of novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccines from Shenzhen Kangtai Company and the Institute of Biology of Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.Both homologous booster and sequential booster should be implemented in people over 18 years of age who have completed the full course of vaccination for at least 6 months.Research data show that both homologous and sequential strengthening of immunization can further improve the immunization effect. It is hoped that people who meet the vaccination conditions can take the initiative to vaccinate and vaccinate early, so as to improve their health and fuel the epidemic prevention.China has officially launched a series of enhanced immunization campaigns against COVID-19 vaccines, known as “mixed shots”.Approved by the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council, the National Health Commission (NHC) has started to strengthen sequential immunization, Wu Liangyou, deputy director of the NHC disease control and Prevention Bureau, said Wednesday.At this stage can be born in the vaccinations characters of Beijing, Beijing sinovac biotech, its company in wuhan will be coronavirus inactivated vaccine of 6 months, and the unfinished homologous strengthen immune 18 and older crowd implement sequential strengthen immunization, target groups can choose wisdom dragon horse company recombinant protein vaccine or Kang Xinuo biological vaccine in one of adenovirus vector,Free to carry out 1 dose sequential strengthening needle.Statistics show that more than 500 million people have been immunized against COVID-19 since the launch of booster shots in October last year.Previously, China’s COVID-19 vaccine booster immunization was homologous vaccination, that is, the first two doses were inactivated vaccine, the third dose was also inactivated vaccine;The first dose is adenovirus vector vaccine, and the second booster dose is also adenovirus vector vaccine.The booster sequential vaccination, also known as heterologous vaccination, is a novel coronavirus vaccine that uses different technical routes for primary and booster immunization.There are two sequentially enhanced combinations approved this time, namely “inactivated + recombinant protein” and “inactivated + adenovirus vector”.The inactivated vaccines included the COVID-19 vaccines produced by Sinopharm Beijing, Sinopharm Wuhan and Sinovac, excluding the two inactivated vaccines developed by the Institute of Medical Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences and Kangtai Biotech, which have been approved for emergency use.There are two vaccines that can be used as sequential booster shots: the recombinant protein vaccine from Chiphilongkoma and the adenovirus vector vaccine from Concino. The former was approved for emergency use in Korea in March last year, and the latter was approved for conditional marketing in February last year and homologous booster shots have been launched.In the past period of time, the homologous enhanced immunization, which has been carried out in China, has been shown to be effective in preventing COVID-19 infection and re-transmission, as well as in preventing pneumonia and severe illness.Special defense under the State Council, spreading mechanism of scientific research team of vaccine research and development team members groups 19 in zone spreading conference of the State Council, said in the year to January 20, tianjin and anyang outbreaks were reported infection in 759 cases, all are the Mick Dijon strain infection, including tianjin only 4 cases of severe cases, severe cases did not appear anyang chain of transmission,The incidence of severe illness is only about 0.6%.The study found that within 6 months of completion of immunization, the risk of pneumonia (ordinary type and above) in novel coronavirus infected persons was reduced by 60%.In the closely connected population, the breakout infection rate of completed basic immunization and enhanced immunization was 22.6% and 6.0%, respectively.The breakthrough infection rate of omicron could be reduced by more than 3 times compared with that of basic immunization.An important background for the sequential strengthening of China’s approval of COVID-19 vaccines is that the omicron variant strain is circulating globally and has become the dominant strain imported from abroad and in China.It is widely believed that the omicron variant is more infectious and could affect the protection of existing vaccines, making breakout infections more common.A popular science article published by the National Health Commission in January said existing vaccines still offer some protection against the omicron variant, but their ability to prevent infection has decreased.Existing vaccines remain effective in preventing severe illness and death against the omicron variant.Zhuang Shilihe, a doctor who has been paying attention to COVID-19 vaccines for a long time, told reporters that after vaccination, the human body fights against virus infection through antibody and T-cell reaction, among which a high level of neutralizing antibodies is an important basis for protecting the human body from virus infection.However, neutralizing antibody levels decline over time, and can drop significantly in the presence of a strong immune escape mutant such as Omicron, failing to provide its original protective effect.Compared with homologous immunization booster with two inactivated vaccines and one inactivated vaccine, heterologous immunization booster is considered to have a better effect and is a further complement and improvement to the strategy of COVID-19 vaccine booster immunization.For a period of time, zhong Nanshan, Gao Fu and other well-known domestic experts have suggested carrying out sequential strengthening vaccination.Zeng Guang, former chief epidemiologist of The Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, recently said that sequential immunization has better sustainability, and two doses of inactivated vaccine +mRNA vaccine/recombinant protein vaccine/adenovirus carrier aerosol inhalation are possible options.Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said in an interview, “From the basic theory of immunology, vaccination should be ‘a small number of times, heterogeneous vaccination’.’Multiple doses’ is consistent with the basic principles of immunology, which is why booster shots are needed.In theory, ‘allovaccination’, where A vaccine is used as A primary immunization followed by A booster of B vaccine, is more effective than ‘AA’ and ‘BB’ vaccination programs.”Zhu Fengcai, a well-known clinical vaccinology expert and deputy director of Jiangsu Center for Disease Control and Prevention, also mentioned in a recent interview that sequential vaccination of different types of vaccines can improve the breadth, intensity, durability and function of the immune response, compared with the initial vaccine-booster strategy of the same type of vaccine.A series of scientific studies have also confirmed that sequential vaccination offers better protection and is also safer.Zhu’s team, in collaboration with Chen Wei’s team at the Academy of Military Medical Sciences, published a randomized controlled clinical study of sequential immunization against COVID-19 vaccine in Nature Medicine on March 27.This study showed that the level of immune response induced by two doses of Inactivated KEXin vaccine + concino adenovirus vector vaccine was higher than that induced by homologous enhancement of inactivated vaccine, and the safety was good.Reporters after a study from the Kang Xinuo biological data also showed that the vaccination agent 2 inactivated vaccine after sequential strengthening agent 1 new crown adenovirus vector vaccine (inhalation dosage form), against Mr Mick Dijon mutant virus that the degree of neutralization antibody of a prototype plant only slightly down, the three stitches after inactivated vaccine inoculation and 10 times higher antibody concentration.Shao yiming says a single vaccine is usually enough for routine viruses.But for some viruses with strong variability, sequential immunization is often used.Shao says the advantages of sequential immunization are twofold. First, different vaccines can complement each other.Second, different people’s constitutions are different, and there may be more side effects of a certain vaccine. It is not suitable to be vaccinated multiple times. Changing a vaccine can avoid side effects.Shao stressed that all the vaccines approved for sequential vaccines have proven safety in a large number of uses, and some previous clinical studies conducted in China have not found more side effects from alloimmunization.Prior to the domestic approval in China, consino biogenic adenovirus vector vaccine and Zhiphirongoma recombinant protein vaccine both received sequential and enhanced approval abroad.In November of last year, concino bio’s adenovirus vector vaccine was recommended by the Argentine Ministry of Health on its website as an allogeneic vaccine for booster and additional vaccinations.In January, Indonesia’s Food and Drug Surveillance Agency (BPOM) approved Zyflavibio’s recombinant protein vaccine for use as a sequential booster for inactivated vaccines.Worldwide, sequential vaccinations have been approved in countries including Turkey and Chile.At the end of last year, the World Health Organization issued an interim recommendation that the first dose of Astrazeneca adenovirus vector vaccine, followed by mRNA vaccine;The Astrazeneca vaccine and any of the mRNA vaccines can also be used after the first dose of sinophem’s inactivated vaccine.According to Chuang, vaccines are one of the most important weapons in the fight against COVID-19, dramatically reducing the risk of severe illness and death after infection.Heterologous booster vaccination demonstrates greater protection and may become an important strategy for future vaccination.Chen Xi, an associate professor at the Yale School of Public Health, told reporters that further research is needed on the effectiveness of sequential booster vaccines in preventing infection, but their effectiveness in reducing hospitalization and severe illness rates and reducing the burden on the health care system is clear, which is necessary for China’s “dynamic zero-out” policy.A Chinese immunology expert told reporters that the approval of sequential vaccination may be seen as part of a comprehensive adjustment in a series of epidemic prevention measures and preparation for further relaxation of restrictions.The expert suggested that during sequential vaccination, research and antibody testing should be strengthened, continuous optimization should be made in different sequential vaccination procedures, and the best sequential vaccination procedures should be summarized as soon as possible and recommended for use.On The 19th, Wu Liangyou also announced that the Joint prevention and control mechanism of The State Council had also approved the same-origin enhanced immunization of novel Coronavirus inactivated vaccines from Kangtai And the Institute of Biology of the Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences.The data show that both homologous and sequential immunization can further improve the immune effect.(Credit: Science and Technology Daily)