As soon as 68-year-old Wang Chenghan retired, a “call for help” followed: Please take over this task as soon as possible

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Cao Cao once lamented in “Turtle is long” : li-an old hero, costraint, martyr old age, heroic.Fully to the world to show his vigorous old, enterprising spirit.In fact, there are many talented people who, although quite old, are still youthful in spirit and capable of many jobs.Lian Po in ancient times was one, and Wang Chenghan in modern times was also one.After retiring in 1985, he was checking his health in the hospital. Li Ji-nai visited him and brought him a task, which showed his outstanding ability.Some time ago, the leader of the modernization of the army exploded a video on YouTube about the PLA soldiers in the parade in Red Square. I saw the video of the soldiers with tall and tall figures, resolute eyes, and uniform footsteps, walking through red Square with guns, that kind of pride spontaneously arose.Sitting in front of the video, we have to sigh that this is an iron and steel force, but also a modern force.At the foot of Beijing’s western hills lies a Chinese-owned military research institute, the PLA Military Academy, which plans to coordinate military scientific research across the entire army.It has been conducting research on fundamental military theories and major issues related to the building of national defense and the armed forces. It has also compiled military decrees, regulations and other relevant military laws and regulations.It also provides strategic advice and consultation to the CMC and headquarters and provides information on military academic research.At the same time, it also organizes and coordinates the military academic research work of the PLA and conducts the military scientific research management work of the PLA.What is less known, however, is that during this particular period, the college was suspended until 1978, when it was reorganized.At this time, the reorganization and reform of The Chinese army had to be put on the agenda, and how to build a modern army became a headache for the leaders at that time.The academy of Military Sciences was faced with the need for someone of outstanding ability to take the lead and give direction to the development of the army.During this period, one person put forward many constructive suggestions and put them into action. He is wang Chenghan, who is considered to have made an important contribution to the revolutionization, modernization and regularization of the army.People’s loyal soldiers in December 1917, Wang Chenghan was born in Hubei Huang ‘an a poor home, Huang ‘an is the holy land of the revolution, Wang Chenghan under the influence of the awakening of the revolutionary consciousness, only 13 years old he also participated in the revolution, became a member of the youth league, at that time he was mainly a clerk.Although Wang Chenghan is young, but the ability is not small, from a grass-roots clerk began, in the revolutionary career since then he gradually played his potential, become a soldier to take the lead, and he will be loyal to the party and the people to play incisively and vividly.During the long march he far afraid tired, meet again big difficulty did not shake his determination of revolution, during which he is involved in Guo Jiahe, Yang Sizhai, murraya clearance, DuShu Town, shang county, LuoNa, yulin bridge, ZhiLuo Town, WaYaoBao campaigns, a lot of experience as well as land revolution and made great contribution to the encirclement and suppression.During the War of Resistance against Japan, he was not afraid of power, vowed to drive away the Japanese aggressors, in the anti “mopping up”, anti “encroachment”, Bailiping, Foguangyu, Longwei, Yuxi, Funiushan and other battles with outstanding performance.During the War of Liberation, he took part in tongbai, “Lianghuai”, Yancheng, Lunan, Laiwu, Menglianggu, Jiaodong, Linfen, Jinzhong, Taiyuan, Xianyang, Qinling and other battles.Especially the central Plains breakthrough and Xianyang interception war, as PI Dingjun’s regiment commander, his combat effectively guaranteed the transfer of large forces, for the PRESERVATION of the PLA effective forces to provide a hotbed.Xianyang is no exception, and the Ma Jia Jun in the bloody struggle, severely damped the Ma Jia Jun arrogance, not only gave a heavy blow to the enemy, won the battle, but also for the sacrifice of the West route Army in the northwest revenge.Such an excellent soldier, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China also held important positions in the army many times, for the modernization of the motherland made great contributions.In 1955, he was awarded the rank of major general in the ceremony, and was awarded the Medal of August 1st, the Medal of Independence and Freedom, and the Medal of Liberation.Wang Chenghan has been shining in the construction of the motherland until 1985 when he retired at the age of 68. After his retirement, Wang Chenghan was ready to enjoy the happiness of his family, and a new “solicitation order” came down.It was in October, not long after the National Day holiday, Wang Chenghan came to the PLA General Hospital for a routine checkup. It was during this time that he met Li Ji-nai, then the head of the General Political cadre Department.Looking at the former partner and old buddy, the old general is very happy, and is preparing to have a long talk with Li Ji-nai, the result was interrupted by the other side of a sentence.”I am not only here to see you today, but also to give you your assignment, Lao Wang. You have a new assignment.”Wang Chenghan did not react at that time, thought he had not retired?What task is so urgent, should not be left to the later young people?Upon understanding, I realized that the leadership of the Academy of Military Sciences needed an experienced old general to take the seat in order to carry out an adjustment and teaching reform.After listening to the request, Wang Chenghan was silent for a long time. Then he realized that it was his responsibility and honor to contribute to the motherland in his lifetime.Therefore, he readily agreed to Li’s request and served as political commissar and Secretary of the Party Committee of the Academy of Military Sciences. After retirement, Wang Chenghan went out again and worked in this position for four years.During this period, Wang Chenghan concentrated on the modernization of the motherland army and spared no effort to seek welfare for the motherland army until his official retirement in April 1990.At 20:54 on November 20, 2009, Wang Chenghan passed away in Beijing due to invalid medical treatment, ending his legendary and meaningful life at the age of 92.Summary: from the age of 13 to participate in the revolution, to retire and be “recalled”, Wang Chenghan’s life has been the interpretation of the “most capable” four words, he is not only an excellent party member, but also the Chinese People’s Liberation Army military and political integrity, a generation of outstanding heroes.Although the old general has left us, but his assiduous and serious character, and love the party dedicated character is still worth our learning.As the old saying goes: wen can settle the world, wu can immediately set the universe, Wang Lao also deserve such evaluation.