Among my collection I have several books signed as gifts, which were acquired by accident and turned over by chance with great interest

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The author only learned the slope on one source | | named states Confucius books web APP dynamic I am a love of books, but not a bibliophile.But among my collection I have some books signed as gifts, all of which were acquired by accident and turned over by chance with great interest.It is said that qian Gurong, a literary master, gave his lifelong collection of books to his proud disciples Chen Zishan, Chen Sihe, Xu Guoming and Wu Jun a few years before he drove the stork, leaving only some foreign documents and different versions of The New Tales of The World.Master Qian spent his whole life reading laozhuang Daoism, and had a clear understanding of life. It was wise of master Qian to clear his books before his death.It would be better to pass on the books you have collected to your favorite students, so that the study of literature could be passed on from generation to generation.There is a Shanghai antique bookstore on kongnet, and there are many books collected by Mr. Qian on the Internet. On a close inspection, most of them are the elegant monographs requested by scholars and critics from all over the country, which are the leftovers of Mr. Qian’s favorite students.In fact, I did have some opportunities to sign gifts to the master in person.In fall 89, I was reading in the county high, essayist Liu Zengshan to our school to give lectures, signed with a lot of books, I see too many people onlookers, sign a gift table is very crowded, and then a prose also did not buy, take the initiative to withdraw, then back to the dormitory after see scrawled on the students came back with little plum blossom the writer like to sign,Also joked that how are not like “Liu Zengshan” three words, but like “Liu bad small”, we all laughed, more than 30 years later, that scene is still in front of us.It was after I went to graduate school in Kunming that I really began to contact some famous people.I met yu Jian, a famous poet, several times. I only took a photo with him and did not sign a book.2009 ~ 2010 for two years, I have a large and literary critics coffee yi-qin wu, wang, Cai Xiang, hong-bing ge, wu jun, bin-bin wang and other famous expansion opportunities, but have not been swamped books, because without him, just because I believe in Mr Qian zhongshu’s words: if you eat an egg feel good, why to meet the hens that lay eggs?!So much for the rambling, now it’s time to get back to the few signed books THAT I stumbled upon.Of course, to be clear in advance, none of these books were given to me by masters, but by masters to masters, or by masters to non-masters, or merely by masters’ signatures.In chronological order, the first signing a gift this is division east lee the doing of an age, is the teacher lee, a former editor “youth literature” east to the name great heyday of literary critics XXL one (current master Chen, a professor at Peking University, PhD supervisor, so addicted to talk about postmodernism, the industry calls “Chen left”).It’s the longest, dating back 17 years.It was 2005. After ten years of work, I had the impulse to go outside and see the big world for the first time. I secretly prepared for my first postgraduate entrance examination in my life.The only other things I could do were to go to second-hand bookstores or the stalls at the town fairs. Fortunately, I was working in the educational administration and had plenty of time to travel to the city on business.The book came about by accident.One day in the autumn of 2005, I went to the county town on a business trip. When I finished my business as usual, I found an unconspicuous old bookstore in the east pass of the county town. When I strolled in, I was surprised like Columbus discovering a new continent.Bookstore shelves, simple have a big row untidily mixed with the National People’s Congress photocopying studies of Chinese modern and contemporary literature, the literature historical data, such as volume, with academic institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing institute of education library chapter, and one of the early eighty s for postgraduate English test question, of course, this sign gift, say “so-and-so brother correct”,The signature is “Shi Dong, February 1, 1994”, written in soft pen, quite effective.At that time, although I plant in the country, but because of the reference appendix master of modern and contemporary, knows a thing or two about the present situation of literary world at that time, calm thinking, this batch of old books should be XXL one by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences transfer at the Peking University out the old stuff down, but how this batch of old stuff from the capital to the us this little-known town of four lines, is unknown.Puzzled, I asked the owner of the shop. The owner only said that the shop had been given to him by someone else, and he did not know the source of the book.I was so overjoyed that I bought them all and packed them in a large woven bag.I still remember the scene when I carried a big bag of books excitedly to the station of the county seat, which attracted some passers-by to stop and watch, probably because they were quite surprised how a well-dressed man could carry a sack and walk quickly on the street like a migrant worker. Is this specialized in performance art?!The other three sets of signature books are all from Kongnet, which I bought for my own reading interest.One is the Central Plains Literature Treatise, which was presented to Xiao Xianmin by he Hong, the president of Henan Institute of Literature. The signature is natural and elegant, and the artistic sense is full.He Hong is the master of literary criticism in Henan province, and the double judge of MAO And Lu Awards.But xiao Xianmin who also, Baidu for a long time did not see that he is a literary man.The main reason why I liked this book at that time was to understand the current situation of henan literary criticism.Mr. Zhu Donglin is a master of modern literature research. I bought a set of three volumes of his New Literary Thinking from Kongnet, with the purpose of learning the methods of literary criticism and opening up some ideas for my own critical writing. This set of books was donated by Master Zhu to Zhang Zhengli.To be fair, Zhu’s signature isn’t pretty, and the font doesn’t quite match his status as a literary master.As for who Zhang Zhengli is, as far as I am concerned, he must be a doctoral student of Mr. Zhu or a literature teacher of a certain university.There was a time when I was interested in Zheng Banqiao, not only because he was one of the eight eccentric people in Yangzhou, and he was good at poetry, painting and calligraphy, but also because he had served as a magistrate in Fan County, which was close to my residence, for several years and left many stories.I have purchased a set of three volumes of The Complete Works of Zheng Banqiao, the Biography of Zheng Banqiao and the Annals of Zheng Banqiao for research.Among them, the complete Works of Zheng Qiaoqiao, signed by the owner of Zhizhizhai’s private collection seal, “Zhizhizhai’s owner hid and Read it”, is simple and elegant, full of ancient charm.The master of Baidu Zhizhizhai is a famous painter and calligrapher who has a book stall in Kongnet.(Small program has been added here, please go to toutiao client to view)