The “Social Work Committee” of Chenping Street, Xigu District has made efforts to resolve the “difficult registration” problem of sold urban houses on state-owned land left over from history

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The problem of “difficult registration” of sold urban residential houses on state-owned land left over from history is a great issue concerning the vital interests of the people.In recent days, the “Social Work Committee” of Chenping Street in Xigu District has focused on the “difficult registration” problem of sold urban residential houses on state-owned land left over from history, and made more efforts to resolve the historical problems of real estate registration, making every effort to solve the “difficult registration, difficult certification” and effectively solve the “urgent and anxious” problem of the masses.First, comprehensively and comprehensively promote the work, grasp the “entry point”.In order to ensure the smooth implementation of the “difficult registration” problem of sold urban residential buildings on state-owned land, Chenping Subdistrict actively solves the “difficult registration” problem of sold urban residential buildings on state-owned land in strict accordance with the work requirements of the provincial and urban areas, and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of the masses.Strictly implement the requirements of “one community, one program, one special class”, relying on the actual work responsibility, by the “social work committee” members to form a special class, the members of the street team to grasp the supervision and implementation of the full coverage, to ensure that the resolution of the work to achieve the desired goal, to achieve the desired effect.The sub-district “Social Work Committee” insists on actively exploring “one method for one community, one problem and one measure”, establishing a “problem list”, taking advantage of the resources of the district, submitting the community to coordinate and solve the problems, listing the issues that are difficult to solve, and submitting them to the sub-district Party Working Committee for research and solution.Second, strengthen publicity and guidance, identify the needs of the masses.The “social Work Committee” of the street carried out the propaganda work of resolving historical problems through the combination of “online and offline”.Publicize relevant policies and popularize registration process through wechat group and LED screen online;Offline by the “social work committee” members, community grid members, property personnel in the residential buildings, billboards posted announcements, set up volunteer service posts, community developers, property companies to work together with the masses in the process of handling the housing ownership certificate of doubt sorting out and give reasonable answers.At the same time, the street “club committee” comprehensive carding and collection of real estate registration problems left over by history, analyze the causes of the problem, through face-to-face exchanges with resident representative, ask for details of the plugging point difficulties of the masses, for the masses “demand”, a careful analysis, seriously looking for push sticking point in the process of promoting residents residential area “registration” problem left over by history to err on the side of solution as soon as possible.Third, in-depth investigation, sorting out the crux of the problem.The resolution of the “difficult registration” problem of state-owned land left over from history involves 17 communities in our neighborhood, 10 of which are included in the first batch of resolution list.Streets to simplify procedures, the patient completes the policy interpretation and tracking service, in view of the main problems, classify, suit the remedy to the case, a clear “visiting survey, and to analysis, precise coordination, to carry out the real estate registration” four basic processes, special work progress timely notify real estate registration problems left over by history, implementing information transparency and openness.Yintai Yicuiyuan residential area can not handle the property ownership certificate due to historical reasons, which has been a big problem for residents for many years and has become a heavy stone in the hearts of the streets and community workers.Some residents are forced to shelve their children’s school because they have no property ownership certificate.Welfare East Road South community to give full play to the role of the “social work committee”, study the specific situation and solutions, formulate plans, pay close attention to the “card” knot, get through the blocking point, to promote the resolution of work.At present, Yintai Yicui Garden community has completed the transfer of 747 households registration task.Fourth, coordination and implementation, focus on the “foothold” of services.According to the lanzhou city to resolve on the state-owned land sold town residential “registration” problem left over by history work implementation plan “requirement, street” club committee “coordination, project side, the tax authorities, to conform to the” card pay separation “” change the separation principle of project implement capacity deficiency, by reporting unit commitment, after first nuclear pay the deed tax for the person that buy a house.Start with the most difficult problems together with the project application party, assist and urge the application unit to prepare the approval materials.Actively coordinate with mature “certificate handling team” of other enterprises for guidance and assistance.We organized the staff to open green channels, “handle certificates” for residents over weekends, set up temporary office space for resolving historical relics, and accepted and reported in batches to promote the work efficiently.Up to now, 10 communities that have completed the joint examination and approval stage have entered the resolution process, and 9 projects that have completed initial registration and 25% transfer registration have been completed, involving 13,108 houses, and 3,642 sets of transfer registration have actually been handled.