Shuimen Bridge of Changjin Lake: Pearl and jade are in the lead, how to surpass?

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“Changjin Lake,” released in October last year, became the highest-grossing film in Chinese history. Its sequel, “Watergate Bridge,” also took the lead in this year’s Lunar New Year holiday, winning several titles including “Want to see no. 1”, “Pre-sale No. 1” and “first-day box office No. 1”.Perhaps while people have high expectations for this film, they also secretly worry about how much they expect and how much they will be disappointed.So, I rushed into the cinema for the first time, watched the film, now solemnly assure you: rest assured to see, absolutely will not step on thunder!Even, from my personal point of view, I think watergate Bridge is a better overall look and feel than Its predecessor, Chojin Lake.As a sequel, the biggest difficulty of this film is how to upgrade from the previous one.If it doesn’t surpass its predecessor, the sequel will be a dud.In my opinion, director Tsui Hark has well grasped and exceeded the audience’s expectations by upgrading in the three dimensions.First, the strategic and tactical upgrading.Watergate Bridge of Chosin Lake is a film that is very good at borrowing power.After all, standing on the shoulders of the previous work, the big background and world outlook has been explained, there is no need to repeat to the audience the importance of this battle for the resistance to the United States and aid Korea and the whole history of new China.Therefore, the film boldly abandoned the “high-level perspective”, and instead focused the story structure on the “three Watergate bridge” incident.The advantage of this is that more valuable screen time can be devoted to the strategy and tactics of the Battle of Watergate and the back-and-forth between the two sides of the battle.In this film, we can clearly see why our army bombed the Watergate Bridge and what difficulties they met;How did the enemy prevent our attack and what arrangements did they make?And how our army overcame one by one through great sacrifice and indomitable spirit and finally won the victory.This kind of narrative mode, in which the heroes are depicted closely around the same core event, is not only more focused, but also the story rhythm is closer and smoother, with excellent impression.Second, emotional escalation.”Changjin Lake” emotional mainline is around the relationship between Wu Qianli and Wu Wanli established, “mixed” brother under the leadership of “hero” brother, into the battlefield, become a soldier.In Watergate Bridge, the emotional thread is still there, but expanded in scope and depth.In terms of breadth, the director successfully replaced the narrow sense of blood brotherhood with the broad sense of comrade-in-arms brotherhood through the soldier Ping He’s apology to Wu Qianli.Wu Wanli’s “you are my brother”, the cruel battlefield in the iron man tenderness to a high point, moving.In depth, Wu Wanli completed his coming-of-age ceremony in the Battle of Watergate Bridge, from a younger brother who needed to be guided and protected to a man who was recognized and respected by his brother.And all growth means to experience pain, Wu Wanli also is bound to witness comrade-in-arms elder brothers one by one move towards sacrifice, even finally give birth to close elder brother to send the road of exploding bridge that has no return.When wu Wanli finally returned to the army, Shouting out “the seventh interspersed even should be 157 people, actually to one person”, the two films through the blood and kinship construction of the “inheritance” theme, has been ready to come out, natural but strong tears.Third, the style and theme of the upgrade.As we all know, “Changjin Lake” by three directors with different strengths, different styles of joint direction, the advantage is to learn from each other, but the disadvantage is a little patchwork feeling, balance more than comprehensive, but lack of soul.Watergate Bridge, on the other hand, carries tsui Hark’s signature and incorporates many elements from classic wuxia films. I like to call this genre hybridisation and innovation a “legendary Wuxia film.”This kind of “legendary martial arts films” adds visual elements and wonders with Chinese characteristics to the mechanized modern war scenes. For example, the continuous jumping on the snowy slope has the color of heroes flying on the wall, which satisfies the Romanticized imagination of Chinese audiences for individual heroes to a certain extent.However, this “romanticization” is built on the basis of not damaging the authenticity of the battlefield and the cruelty of the war, the respect for physical laws and realistic logic is the most essential difference between the “legendary swordsman film” and the “hand tearing the devil” anti-japanese god drama.This “legendary” visual form naturally extends a different secondary theme, namely “the contingency of war and the inevitability of victory”, in addition to the core theme of “defending our country” and “remembering heroes”.Because of the legendary nature of the film, the director does not shy away from accidental elements on the battlefield.The small number of our troops, the poor equipment, the extremely bad natural conditions, whether the enemy’s self-righteous strategy or accidentally spontaneous combustion of gasoline increased the probability of our surprise attack.The success of the surprise attack is accidental, but before the characters and the audience have time to celebrate, the film tells us the cruel fact that the failure of the bombing bridge is inevitable — although a huge price has been paid, it can only blow out a small hole at a time. Only by paying a greater sacrifice can we gain a greater probability of success and blow out a bigger hole…This was repeated until the entire company was depleted.”Three fried water gate bridge” fully reflects the war against the United States to aid Korea, our volunteers are how to use their own flesh and blood against the enemy aircraft artillery.It is because of this courage to face failure, let us see the inevitability of victory, let us feel the selfless hero and fearless.As the old company commander in the film said: “Every battle is difficult to fight, but every battle must be fought, no ifs!”(The original title of “The Watergate Bridge of Changjin Lake” : Pearls and jade before, how to surpass?By Sun Yangyang (Source: Lychee News) Edited by Wang Hang and coordinated by Wang Pan