Karaqin brigade organized all personnel to hold a stage of key work promotion meeting

2022-07-31 0 By

In order to thoroughly implement the traffic accident prevention work of “reducing traffic volume and controlling traffic volume”, we will effectively strengthen road traffic safety management during the Spring Festival Travel rush and the Winter Olympic Games.On the morning of February 9, 2022, The Karaqin Brigade of the 2nd Detachment of the High-speed Traffic Police held a phased key work promotion meeting.The meeting was presided over by Liu Xudong, head of the brigade, and all members of the brigade attended the meeting.First of all, liu Xudong, the head of the brigade, summarized the traffic security work of the Spring Festival and conveyed the notice of Inner Mongolia Public Security Department traffic Management Bureau on printing and distributing the content of the “six interviews” mechanism.During the Spring Festival in 2022, the Karaqin Battalion dispatched 225 police officers and 64 police cars, inspected 49,856 vehicles and 66,758 procurators. All the auxiliary police officers of the Battalion stayed at the front line of their posts and gave up their homes for everyone. They built a line of security with their responsibilities and ensured the people’s return to their hometowns.Subsequently, the brigade assisted the person in charge to convey the “Notice on forwarding the Public security of the Autonomous Region” and read the “2022 Road traffic accident prevention” Work plan of The Karaqin Brigade of the Second Branch of the High-speed Traffic Police.Zhou Yue stressed that we should strictly follow the requirements of the notice to implement quickly, strengthen daily management and supervision, serious work discipline, standardize the work order, and continue to promote the accident prevention “reduction control” work.Then brigade assists in fu-jun wang conveyed the public security organs to carry out to prevent the judicial intervention the detailed rules for the implementation of the “three rule” (try out) “and” the district public security traffic team dense pernicious disease and enforcement problems and special inspections political implementation plan “, and emphasize team personnel serious screening according to the scheme of dense pernicious disease and outstanding problems,Check out the problem to rectify immediately.Finally, liu Xudong, head of the brigade, stressed that first, the Spring Festival transport security work is still continuing, brigade staff to improve the political position, not only based on the reality of the current key security tasks of the Winter Olympics, but also to coordinate daily work.The second is to continue to promote the standardization of law enforcement construction, resolutely rough law enforcement, profit-seeking law enforcement, non-standard law enforcement, disregard for the interests of the masses and other phenomena, effectively enhance the brigade of all civilian auxiliary police to standardize the importance of the ideological understanding of law enforcement work.Third, we need to focus on targets, strengthen areas of weakness, and continue to push forward the work of reducing consumption and controlling consumption.We should further strengthen the control of the source, clean up hidden dangers in all factors, strengthen the control of key vehicles, focus on the focus of work, focus on safety targets, and make every effort to ensure a smooth road traffic safety situation.All the members of the brigade should follow strict working standards and do a solid job in the next stage, so as to create a safe, smooth and orderly road traffic environment for the security of the Spring Festival travel rush and the Winter Olympics.